Ghost of Tsushima: Legends – Leveling Up Guide (Going from 110 Ki to 120 Ki)

How to Level Up (Gear and Builds at 110 Ki and Beyond)


Why get to 120 ki?

Getting items to 120 ki increases your strength in combat: improving your ki increases your outgoing damage and decreases your incoming damage. Importantly, it also enables you to attach a second perk (perk=bonus at bottom of item, in red text) to it, increasing its power within a build greatly. Getting an item in every slot to 120 ki will make your character ki 120 when you have them all equipped: this allows you to participate in the Trials of Iyo.

Trials of Iyo is a Weekly Challenge activity (like Nightmare Survival) which takes the form of a single encounter from the Tales of Iyo Raid (e.g. Chapter 1’s Overlook, Chapter 2’s Obelisk or Chapter 3’s boss room), with increased difficulty in the form of many Oni, no continues and the Aggressive Foes modifier. Trials gives unique cosmetics and is the best activity for farming legendary gear and honour, while also giving you plenty of XP, essence and blessings.

Planning a build

Before starting the process of moving from 110 ki to 120 ki, you should know what build you want to have at 120 ki. Either think about what you like to use and construct/plan a build with it.

Save Scumming

Save scumming is your friend when it comes to retaining as much of your precious resources as possible. If you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll thank the community later.

Video on how to save scum

Additional notes on save scumming

Much like the video mentions about turning off Auto-Sync/Auto-Upload for this game, you will also want to note that putting your account in Appear Offline while performing any save scumming will additionally help to ensure that as much of your resources are preserved. The last thing you’d want is to be at or near the tail end of your budget in a scum cycle and have a curious buddy, accidental friend join or troll ass pop into your lobby.

Why? Your inventory state will be “snapshotted” on join and you will then be down that amount of resources. On top of these precautions, I will also state that you NEVER want to join an instance or anyone else’s lobby while save scumming at all! This is due to the same exact reason you don’t want anyone else joining your lobby while rolling/scumming. Your and everyone else’s inventory will have a snapshot taken on join and this will be transmitted back to the SP registration/match making service which lives in AWS-land.

Make sure to set a budget when rolling as Ehpic mentions here. Personally I usually use Honor as the meter. I may say 2,000 Honor is my budget or approximately 20 reforges and save scum as needed. This will change depending on the difficulty of rolling the item in question. On this topic …

Item type/category/slot directly affects the likelihood in obtaining the particular outcome you’re after. Charms are by far the highest “difficulty” when reforging/rerolling due to the sheer number of possible outcomes. Katanas are the next most difficult category, then Ranged and the Ghost Weapon slots are comparatively much easier.

In other words, the more properties and the larger the range of values possible for a given property/the more perk choices the longer and more often you will likely be rerolling. Sometimes getting what you want can take quite a while. Be prepared for this, but don’t get discouraged. You will eventually get what you want.

After a while of doing this once you’re used to it, you may want to speed up this process a bit more. If you’re interested, you may want to turn the Toggle Button Holds option in the Accessibility portion of the Options menu item. This will eliminate the wait for the roll.

Be wary though! It is very easy to get locked into a muscle memory zone and roll right past the property and value you want. An additional note here is to make sure to turn off this feature prior to playing the game. You will find out why very quickly when you inevitably forget to turn this setting off. I have done this countless times.

 An example of how this looks while rerolling

Do note that the save scum process can be used when attempting to set the second perk on an item as well. Upload your save once you have an item rolled the way you want and mastered at 120. When you load in, attempt to set the perk and, if it is not what you want, then just redownload your save and try again. This will help to preserve those precious purified tokens you’ve collected.

How to Get Gear from 110 ki to 120 ki


  • Property: one of the white text, percentage-based bonuses on an item
  • Perk: one of the possible two red text bonuses on an item
  • Cursed Gear: items with a red hue that start dropping at 120 ki in Gold difficulty and above
  • Cursed Gear Challenge: the challenge that a player must complete to purify a piece of Cursed Gear (found at bottom of item’s description, must be completed with item equipped)
  • Curse: the hindrance that a player will face while trying to complete a Cursed Gear Challenge (found at bottom of item’s description, is only active while item is equipped, is deactivated after item is purified)
  • Purified Token: the currency that you get from purifying Cursed Gear, which is only usable in the slot that the Cursed Gear was in. Used to bypass Mastery Challenges unlock and reroll an item’s second perk and also bypass the rerolling lock on a 120 ki item’s properties and first perk.
  • Binding: locking an item to a class in order to get it to 120 ki
  • Mastery Challenge: a challenge that enables you to increase an item’s ki by 2 (found at bottom of a bound item’s description, must be completed with item equipped)

First things first, upload your save and use save scumming to reroll a gear piece at 110. Get one property close to perfect (around 0.5% off, or further if you’re happy with leaving it like that or spending more Purified Tokens on getting it perfect later) and your perk perfect. You can then reroll the other property to perfect. 

Once you’re satisfied with the stats and perks, you can begin the mastery process. Equip the item on the class you want it to be on, go into the Modification menu (while on the correct class), scroll to the bottom and select the Bind option.

Your next task will be either completing Mastery Challenges or purifying Cursed Gear. Mastery Challenges vary in difficulty, but are often time consuming. Cursed Gear Challenges usually take less than five minutes. To do a Cursed Gear Challenge, select a piece of Cursed Gear in the same slot as the item you want to level up. Equip it and complete its challenge. The best way to do this is usually to play Wave 0 of a Gold Survival (don’t matchmake).

Complete the challenge, then kill the remaining enemies, capture the zones and then die/go out of the mission area. Dying after beating Wave 0 like this is guaranteed to give you a piece of Cursed Gear for a slot in which you have none. By having your other slots have at least one piece of Cursed Gear each, you can infinitely farm Cursed gear in one slot. Beating the first section of a Gold Story and failing in the second section will have the same effect.

 A video explaining the Cursed Gear farming process

Once you purify a piece of Cursed Gear, hold X over it in your inventory to collect the Purified Token from it. Then go to the previously bound item in that gear slot, enter the Modification menu and select “Bypass Mastery Challenge”. This does the same thing as completing a Mastery Challenge, but is usually quicker. Each Mastery Challenge you do or bypass will add 2 ki to the item, meaning you need to do 5 per item.

Once you’ve done this 5 times and your item is at 120 ki, purify another piece of Cursed Gear and collect its Token. Now upload your save again. Then go to the Modification menu of the 120 ki item and select “Unlock Second Perk”. If you don’t get the one you want, simply save scum and try again. For items with many perks to choose from (such as class charms), it may be faster to get a random second perk, then get another Purified Token and upload your save at this point.

You can then reroll your second perk, which will give you two options instead of one: save scum from this point to get what you want. Now your item is at 120 ki with the desired properties and perks! If your properties aren’t perfect and you wish to increase the percentages, you must spend a Purified Token to reroll that property and select “Increase existing property” or the other option if it is the same property at a higher percentage.

Do this as many times as you need to in order to get your item perfect. You can save scum this until you get a very high percentage as the second option, but this is very, very time consuming and it may be better to brute-force it. Now you’ve got a perfect 120 ki item, and you can do this to all 5 of the items in your build!

Some miscellaneous notes

If you want to get a 120 class-specific item (like Forbidden Medicine) on another class (like Assassin), you must bind it to the class it is originally for and then put a “Class Unlock” perk on it.

Legendary Charms can use the special, class specific properties and perks that are found on class charms (e.g. Vanish Duration and Hysteria for the Assassin). You must bind the item before rerolling in order to make these available. If you only want one of the following – first property, second property or first perk – to be class-specific, it may be advisable to reroll until the other bonuses are perfect, then bind and reroll the class-specific bonus: this makes the initial rerolling easier, as there are less options for the game to choose from. You don’t need to do anything special for a class-specific second perk, as the item is already bound by the time you unlock the second perk.

Some Cursed Items cannot be purified in Survival, such as those with the challenges that require you to kill Disciples. Disciples are most easily found in the Story mission “The Curse of the Onibaba”. Oni dogs are found in the Story mission “The Fire Spirits of Yarikawa”: either kill the one at the start 5 times by restarting the mission, or restart the mission until you see the Oni dog modifier and kill all of the dogs in one go.

That’s all you need to know about getting your characters to 120 ki! I hope this helps!

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