Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Alternative Deaths / How to Make Things Worse

A showcase of some death variations the game lets you trigger as well as the steps required to experience them for yourself.


While the game tasks us with using our ghost tricks to prevent a variety of deaths, it also offers a bunch of ways to fail in mostly uneventful ways. However, there’s also a few opportunities to achieve the exact opposite from our goal – having people die in a different way from how they did initially.

This guide lists these alternative deaths – and tells you exactly the steps required to achieve them, should you want to experience the characters’ reactions to these special failures for yourself.

There will obviously be spoilers for Ghost Trick’s story.

Losing Control

Our first instance of a death variation lies in chapter 7; in which a van drives into the Chicken Kitchen and ends up killing Lynne as well as Detective Ridge, who’s driving the vehicle.

It becomes available during a later part of this chapter – when you’ve gone back another 4 minutes and are in the park with Detective Rindge. Instead of completing the section the intended way, simply stay inside the van as things unfold.

Here, simply wait for time to progress. Eventually leading to Ridge being ordered to remove Lynne from the Chicken Kitchen. He’ll drive off with the van, transitioning you into a new scene of the van driving through the city and eventually crashing into the building. To trigger the alternative death, move into the seat lever before this scene ends.

Now simply perform a trick, leading to the seat reclining and Ridge ripping off the steering wheel, thus sending the out of control van towards it’s doom without any chance to recover.

A Face Full of Helmet

The second alternative death is found during chapter 15; where a doppelgänger of Sissel talks to a beat up Inspector Cabanela, before shooting him.

To change this death, you’ll first have to play through most of the level. You’ll need to move into the basement and rewind time a second time to prevent the death of the Pigeon Man, teaming up with Missile along the way.

After that, you’ll have to make your way back up to the office, returning to your task of saving Cabanela. There however, instead of playing the level normally, simply let the confrontation between the two gentlemen play out without interfering at all. When the doppelgänger is about to shoot Cabanela, the game will automatically bring you into the ghost world as missile, inside the fired bullet.

Now, simply swap the bullet with the hard hat hanging on the side of the shelf, leading to Cabanela catching said hard hat with his face.

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  1. i really just got the first one out of panic cus i hadnt realized what to do so it was funny tbh

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