Love Shore – Optimal Route Order

Spoiler-minimal guide to discovering the story behind Love Shore through different routes.


Love Shore unveils its story via four different routes for each character (eight in total).

When you play Farah or Sam, the other character exists parallel to the route you’re playing and, on occasion, becomes part of your story. They also do pick a route that is parallel to the one you’re playing.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  1. Outline which routes are parallel to each other and how they interact
  2. Suggest a route order that’ll let you gradually uncover the story

Note that I’m not associated with the creators and this is based on my observations of how I’d have liked to see the story. Another person may have a different preference (although the order will probably be similar).

First Route

Playing as Farah


Playing as Sam


This route will have you discover some of the reality within Love Shore.

These routes have major overlap – if you don’t feel like completing all routes and just want the story for now, you’re fine picking just one.

Second Route

Playing as Farah


Playing as Sam


In these routes, you will conduct a chilling investigation into what’s going on in Love Shore.

These routes have small overlap; I’m not certain which is better to play first. I think Jo’s route can spoil some of Viviane’s, but may be a bit underwhelming if you play Viv’s first. Choose whichever calls to you.

Third Route

Playing as Farah


Playing as Sam


In these routes, you will reckon with your past and find out the stakes of what’s coming.

These routes have minimal overlap and play out very differently.

Final Route

Playing as Farah


Playing as Sam


Get to the bottom of it all and put the puzzle pieces together.

These routes strongly interact with each other and are both important for the full picture. I would suggest completing Imani’s route first.


  • It doesn’t matter which ending you’ll get, but do note there are ways to end the routes early and not get the full story – make sure to save and roll back to important choices.
  • I think Talia and Conrad are hot and you should still play both their routes.


    • Haha this does seem to be the case for some folks! I went for Viviane first and then in Talia’s route I was like Hey why aren’t we focusing on the REAL issue? Lol

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