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How to Obtain All Achievements


Welcome to Cretacia! Land of the prehistoric kart championship and home to a variety of your favorite dino characters. Hop in your cart and buckle up for a wild ride to 100% this awesome cartoon racing game and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet the mysterious Gigantosaurus!

Beginning/Tutorial Achievements

Start the tutorial and do a few small tasks to knock out a few achievements right off the bat. Get a skill bubble and use it for the first time, go through a shortcut on the track, perform a five second drift, drift for a total of thirty seconds in a race, and then finish the tutorial.

A different Strategy

  • Use a Skill for the first time.

Clear the way

  • Find a shortcut.

True racer

  • Drift for 5 seconds in a row.


  • Drift for 30 seconds in a race.

A new driver

  • Finish The Tutorial.

Adventure Cup Racing Achievements

For the majority of the racing achievements, you can select your cart, select easy mode, and then let the cpu play for you. You’ll automatically steer and win the race making majority of the achievements able to be done afk. I’ll list them all below. You can race through these Cups yourself to finish faster.

Just getting started

  • Win the first race in adventure.


  • Win 10 Races.

Welcome to Savannah

  • Complete the Savannah Cup in Adventure.

Jungle’s Journey

  • Complete the Jungle Cup in Adventure.

Cretacia Champion

  • Complete the Mount Oblivion Cup in Adventure.

Among the best

  • Win all the adventure races in third position or better.


  • Win all the adventure races in first position.


  • Unlock all tracks.

As soon as you complete all three tournaments in adventure mode, you will have unlocked all 15 tracks which unlocks this achievement.


  • Unlock all characters.

The way to unlock new characters is by placing first in your races. For every third podium finish, you will unlock a new character. You start with 5 characters unlocked, there are 8 total, so you only need to unlock three: “Rugo”, “Cror and Totor”, and “T-Rex”.

Single Player Racing Achievements

I used this opportunity to knock out any of the remaining achievements that I didn’t obtain while doing the adventure cup races. If you let the cpu race for you in those races, chances are you don’t have some of these yet. Be sure to be drifting to get your 10 minutes of accumulative drift achievement. Hop into single player and you can finish off these remaining achievements.

First Victory

  • Win the first race in single player.


  • Step on a boost pad 30 times.

Drift over Cretacia

  • Accumulate 10 minutes of total drift.

Hi Giganto!

  • Come across Giganto.

You need to drive into Gigantosaurus when he is on the track. The maps you can find Giganto on are “Giganto’s Rock”, “Slalom on the River”, & “Jungle Tour”.

Like a pterodactyl

  • Fly for 5 minutes totally.

You need to get a total of 5 minutes of air time throughout all of your races. There are boost pads that include a small jump to get a little bit of air time but there are big jumps in the fifth and final races of each of the adventure cups: “Giganto’s Rock, “Slalom on the River”, & “Jungle Tour”.


  • Use all skills.

There are a total of 8 skills available to get: 1. Boost (Only available if you are in 7/8th position) 2. Purple Bomb 3. Coconut Shooter 4. Shield 5. Coin Ring (Only available if you are in 7/8th position) 6. rocket (Only available if you are in 7/8th position) 7. Roar 8. Screen Splatter


  • Unlock all vehicle’s skins.

In Race Mode, you will unlock a new skin for every three wins which means you will need to win a total of 24 races in Race Mode. You are able to pick any map that you want, and you can replay it multiple times. Just pick a short map and set the difficulty to easy.

Multiplayer Racing Achievements

Getting enough controllers to get these achievements was the tricky part for me. When you plug-in a controller, it takes away the use of mouse and keyboard so you can’t rely on using it for your buddy to play on. I used two PS5 controllers, an Xbox One controller, and a Xbox 360 controller. My brother 100% this game at the same time as me on his PS5 and he used three PS5 controllers and his iPhone in remote play. It can be frustrating getting all the controllers updated, connected, and working with Windows and Steam but it is doable. Both of these achievements can be done at the same time!


  • Win a race in split-screen.

Dino Friends

  • Win a 4 player split-screen race.


Hopefully this guide was able to provide some insight on an achievement or two that you may be needing for that 100%! Overall, this was a fun racing game that was nice and easy to perfect.

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