God Of Weapons – Thief Build

Use this guide to get you a lot of achievements (and win any difficulty!). Change things up a bit and try your own ideas. Enjoy!

Thief Build Guide

Just hear me out. Want to get a lot of achievements at the same time with just 1 run? Try Thief.

  • Get only daggers (Ebony dagger is my main choice because the damage scales the more you kill stuff). But get only 6 daggers. (You get the Edgy and the Less is More achievements that way).
  • Don’t get more than 6 weapons ever (when you gotta replace a dagger for a higher tier one, first sell the one you currently have and then buy the new one).
  • Max out Range & Lifeleech. Trust me. Luck is always a top choice to get better weapons from time to time.
  • Buy a LOOOT of small stuff. Remember that each item gives you attack speed and this build is all about DPS. Coins, rings, clocks, gauntlets, lanterns (oh god yes, lanterns!) everything small gives you a boost in atk speed and that’s the key to this.

You get a few more achievements if you reach the correct amount of range, lifeleech and luck.

You also get achievements for standing still without moving, getting hit a lot, heal a lot with lifeleech and even level up 5 times in a floor.

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  1. Floor 14:
    dmg 84
    meele 60
    proj 51
    magic 29

    crit 185
    dodge 20
    attack spd 735
    move 50
    range 205
    knock 0

    vit 107
    life 7
    recov 107
    rev 25
    armor 9

    luck 82
    resource -30
    exp 110

    Thanks for the awesome strategy, its overpowered as f***!

  2. Was an interesting build, I got it to work on the 2nd run. On the 1st I was plagued with a lack of Life leech. Had my range up to 60 which was hilarious.

  3. I don’t think armor is necessary. The last boss is killed in a couple seconds, and when enemies appear, including mini-bosses, they die immediately. Moreover, my shooting range exceeds the visibility of the screen. And I can’t even see who I’m killing.

  4. i try this build and it was amazing i build it with range and attack speed and uff almost 200% of speed and 180 of range 10/10 i will wait for other combinations

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