Gone Rogue – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Simple guide to the achievements in Gone Rogue.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story Achievements

First big heist

  • Commit your first robbery.

The beginning is set

  • Complete the first chapter.

Experienced Thief

  • Complete the second chapter.

Free Man

  • Complete the third chapter.

Loyal Friend

  • Complete the fourth chapter.

Savior of Mankind

  • Complete the game.

Just progress the story. Completely unmissable.

The Harsh Test

  • Complete the entire game on high difficulty.

Tough but not impossible, your biggest obstacle will be the Ministry building. Its a big difficulty spike with your skills not quite developed yet. If you get past that the game opens up with other options to help you along. some tips in general:

  • Hard mode throws people with the bloodhound and sixth sense traits at you much earlier, Both of these are a problem but Bloodhound is much more so due to them following your trail you can corner yourself if you panic. Keep calm and if they do pick up your trail remember that distance is your biggest friend for losing the trail along with hoping in and out of windows, anything they can’t naturally cross themselves.
  • Hard mode in addition also locks up a lot more things and increases the difficulty of said locked out things more, this is more an opportunity in disguise as the more things you break into the faster your skills will level, always try to burn through your tools as much as you can so you’re leveling as much as humanly possible, especially if you’re using the mechanic specialization that restores your tool’s anyway.
  • Get into a habit of using up what helpful items you find on the heist especially if its become partially consumed anyway, items retain their current use value so they become useless to bring to a heist like that and they also sell poorly. better to make use of them in the heist to make your time easier.
  • Raider skill can largely be ignored on hard, I personally stuck to stealth and used books so raider didn’t lag too far behind, the few times I deliberately used raider tools it was always the apathy toxin which needs no training in the tree to use. Petards aren’t super useful due to the raising the alarm level and they hardly keep them stunned long enough to do anything or get away, this includes using them to escape since the more aggressive pursuit AI wont probably easily let you escape.
  • Make wise use of your quick saves, many heists have check points as well which act as a freebie save. In general try to save your quick saves so when you pass a really finicky, inconsistent part of a heist, for example many of mine were on very inconsistent pick pocketing early on. The Devil’s contract exists as a save scummer’s wet dream but keep in mind this also leaves you short one slot that could have been used on a useful specialization instead.

Mastery Achievements

Master Thief

  • Thief Mastery is 100% studied.

Master Raider

  • Raider Mastery is 100% studied.

Master Cracker

  • Lockpicking is 100% studied.

Master Robber

  • Rough Break-in is 100% studied.

Master Pickpocket

  • Pickpocketing is 100% studied.

Master Hacker

  • Knowledge of electronics is 100% studied.

The trick to getting all these done in a single run is hoarding antiques, you should only donate as many antiques as you need to get perks unlocked and progress comfortably, natural play can easily get most of the skills to 70-80% to which you can then focus antiques on skill books for a single skill to get it to 100%, re-load your save, and do the next.

The only one I personally had trouble with was rough break-in, this can be easily fixed by deliberately breaking open anything you see and can do safely. Try to do everything on the heist in general is it can only level your skills.


  • Gain 12 specializations.

Not hard at all, strangely enough I could swear this popped from me adding perk points so they may count towards this. However, even if they do not its very easy to accomplish 12 specializations, talk to every character fully and take any training offered. There are also a few books that give you feats and some given for free as story progression.

Feat Achievements


  • Give Albert 100 food stamps.

Albert is a beggar just outside of Karl’s place who asks for food stamps and gives “nothing” in return, at first. This achievement should happen naturally because you should be giving him all your food stamps as the gains from it far outweigh the little money the food stamps are worth. Also, at the beginning of each major act, most shops also refresh their stock of carrying food stamps, which you can buy and give to Albert as well.


  • Commit a robbery without raising the alarm.

Easiest to complete on the very first heist, The butcher shop. Note that “without raising the alarm” doesn’t mean just not alerting anyone, the alarm gauge has to stay at 0% the whole heist. The easiest way to fail this that people don’t think of is swiping stuff out in the open and a hostile noticing it later. This is also not difficulty locked either so feel free to do it on easy if you need to.


  • Attack 5 hostile characters in a single heist.

Any person that can be alerted counts as a hostile, it must be 5 different people. One thing the achievement does not tell you is the heist has to be complete to be awarded this. For this reason the Slaughterhouse District makes the best place to do this, as its main objective is easy enough to accomplish quickly. You will also need a minimum of 3 Petards to accomplish this achievement as well.

Collection Achievements


  • Read 15 books.

There’s many books found in heists, also every antique you trade gets you one book as well. In addition completing the 10th anniversary medal side quest to the antique dealer gives you 1 of each skill book as well.


  • Read 75 notes.

There’s closer to 100 notes in the entire game, so you can even miss quite a few and still safely get this achievement, the end of heist stats tell you how many notes a heist had if you want to find them all.

Complete Collection

  • Find 10 antique items.

Starting with the Commandant’s mansion and continuing for the rest of the game, each heist will have one antique you can find. there’s more than 10 available so you can miss a couple, but not many.


  • Find all the rare alcohol.

Slumdog Savior

  • Find three cures for the plague affecting the slums.
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  1. Is experience zero sum? (As in, if you avoid pick-pocketing, more xp will go to lock picking). One of the tool-tips in the beginning implied it was, but wasn’t clear.

    • I cannot confirm exactly if its zero sum so we’ll just take an experience as data, example one of my heists I tried to go ham and literally do every action possible, and got roughly 6-8% in the 4 main skills. 6.3% lockpicking and 7.6% rough break in. I kind of doubt they are are zero sum because I did those two actions far more than any hacking or pick pocketing yet those gained 8% note that I didn’t avoid any hacking or pickpocketing in that heist. I literally did every single one possible.

      I honestly believe the more you do something the more you gain. pick pocking and hacking probably get weighted to give more exp per action cause there’s far less opportunities in a heist than lock picking or break in.

      the only exceptions to one taking away from the other I know of is thief mastery and raider mastery because one literally counteracts the other, using raider stuff raises alarm level and you’ll net less thief mastery at the end because of that.

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