GoreBox – SuperHop Guide (BHopping Using Time Shift)

A very useful technique for BHopping.

Guide to SuperHop


  • To SuperHop you will need to press Q then go to Cheats then enable Time Shift.
  • Set it to 1% and it is recommended to enable Immortality as you may die.
  • Now go off the Q Menu.
  • Then press T.
  • Then Start Running (W/S + Shift).
  • Surf Running (W/S + A/D + Shift) or Strafe Running (A/D + Shift).
  • Then Start Spamming Jump (Space) while Running, Surf Running or Stafe Running.

Bugs + SuperHopping++

For the Bugs

Randomly while SuperHopping (or when you hit a slope) you will get the effect of SuperHopping++ (+100% speed) but while in Time Shift (Which means you can do SuperHopping++ after and the speed will increase more).

For SuperHopping++

While super hopping press T and you will gain a large amount of speed.

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