Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Guide to Make Good CSA Army (When the War Starts)

CSA Army Guide in Tips

As CSA grab industrialization. It’ll give you 25% more recruits so will help offset the numbers if you’re struggling to keep up.

I usually only mass recruit if I have 2+ year contracts researched. Otherwise I keep an eye on what the Union is doing and just try to keep match with them for the first bit until those contract hits.

Use your cav as harassment to the enemies flanks. Make sure it’s the infantry taking the brunt of the combat though the cav (until you actually do cav reform) can do a lot of damage up close on an enemy flank with the right weapons).

The campaign map more plays like Hearts of Iron as it’s real time so don’t be afraid to pause it to keep an eye on what the Union is doing. If you just go “boring” and fast forward all the time they’ll sneak up on you and crush you.

Read the maps as well. The battles do play a lot different than Total War because cover and high ground is key. The maps can be a pain to find where the high ground is but once you figure out where the enemy is coming from it should give you a good idea where you want to make a choke point. Keep in mind the AI does flank so you want to try to make sure there are choke points on your flanks as well. I find swamps are really good for this on the flanks. Just keep your own guys out of it, put some Mississippi rifles in their hands and that swamp just becomes a death march for the AI.

Some of the great tips above…

  1. Raising 50-75K men in brigades as quickly as you can afford (think, not killing your credit rating) is essential. And, there’s no way to get better rifles for so many.
  2. Build some new armies into which to put those 50-75K men. You must think big picture! Attacking the enemy in one area allows the AI to focus only on one area. You must press the AI on several fronts. I keep two cavalry armies of about 2000 to raid into MO, AR, TN, MS, and VA. If I don’t the 100K troops in VA just overwhelm my lower readiness troops there. The AI fights often and always.
  3. Though the first three choices of policy (King Cotton, Security, Industrialization, etc) are very important, so is your first in game policy choice (I always choose military first). Then, setting your subsidy sliders in the Finance tab is critical, since those encumber funds for buying projects (that give you access to better weapons and diplomacy and avenues for better credit rating.
  4. Believe it or not, you should examine every army general plus all of his divisional officers. Poor stat officers (one or no stars in fame, initiative, leadership, adm, and cunning) just cannot take much of a shock loss in casualties before routing. Likewise, those with lower stats take much longer to gain/re-gain morale, meaning that their combat readiness (or lack thereof) imperils your ability to fight or flee.
  5. Unfortunately, you cannot ignore any military components–your nation needs naval and army, plus diplomacy and other policies to improve wealth, relations, and get access to more weapons and fund and raise more troops.

There’s lot of fun micro-management in this game–if you enjoy such.

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