Grim Guardians: Demon Purge – Device Part Locations & Compass

For though players still can’t find the parts, here the locate to get and require for unlock true ending.

Locations of Device Parts & Compass

Dimension Device Parts for Chiru

Here the location for 3 parts require for true ending:

  • Start in base, the white door for each area had unlocked.
  • After 3 parts collected in Castle’s Peak, to return base select menu to exit game and load the savefile back.
  • Talk to Chiru and give her 3 parts, now go Castle’s Peak again to defeat boss.
  • In 3 option choose second (Chiru will come bring dimension device).
  • When defeat Adult Kurona 1st form, in 3 option choose second.
  • Defeat her and congrats to players for the ending.

Here is the video:


The game manual had Compass function that i did read but already forgot at the first place.

  • On keyboard press M, for gamepad move right analog stick (or remap button on calibration).
  • When use near by area some will show but not on hidden wall / secret room.
  • Include device parts, girls and upgrade items except panties.
  • Use it to save some time.
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  1. hey, thanks for keeping the spoilers to the absolute minimum here

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