Grow: Song of the Evertree – Perfect World Seeds Guide

List of alchemytables, and how to create perfect worlds.

Guide to Perfect World Seeds

All World Seeds

  • 16 Comforting, 12 Lush, 11 Tranquil, 11 Abundant
  • 15 Squishy, 15 Spongy, 10 Smelly, 10 Sticky
  • 15 Parched, 10 Dry, 15 Warm, 10 Prickly
  • 25 Dreamy, 5 Cute, 15 Lively, 5 Playful
  • 10 Watery, 25 Icy, 10 Sparkly, 5 Bitter
  • 10 Mysterious, 5 Tasty, 15 Soft, 20 Mashy.

Cave at the first Town-District

Everkid’s world

Everkid’s world (Immerling-World)


The portal to the world is located in the alchemist’s grotto. After leaving the house, move straight until you see a turn on the left. Turn left, moving along a long fault, you will notice how the stone statues of the Everkids will appear. You are on the right way.

How to get

To begin with, let’s spawn in the Everkid’s world and aim for the mountains on the left side.

We choose the leftmost path and run along it until we see the shore on the left side

We focus on this cute house on the left side and go down to it, passing through the yard

We will see a path right along the shore, we head straight along it, without turning anywhere

Again, on the left side we will see another cute house – this is our last landmark. We notice a passage between a tree and a stone and head there

We pass on, go down the path

And in front of us is an alchemical table!


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  1. I found one of those tables in a Song Ruin, think it was Warning, it was in the room with the song but when I got close it just said Alchemy workbench, I think I moved away before it showed the combo.

  2. I came across another of those old journals, bout the formula is weird…maybe it’s for a strange seed rather than a perfect one? Anyway, it’s: 10 Mysterious, 5 Tasty, 15 Soft and 20 Mushy.

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