Battlefield 2042 – How to Find All Easter Eggs

All the easter eggs are easy to find, easy to do, all secrets of Battlefield 2042.

All Easter Eggs Guide

All credit goes to Robinlou1FR!

Phone Number Battlefield Game

The Tuc-Tuc (name for the little taxi motorcycle) have a number on top for call the taxi, you can find it on several map in conquest or breakthroug, but the first time we saw it was in the battlefield trailer that number on the taxi, 1-942-234-152-042 is composed of Battlefield Games:

  • BF 1942, BF 2, BF 3, BF 4, BF 1, BF 5, BF 2042.

Inca Sign Graphitti

On the map of Decharge you must have the Mackay player to have the grappling hook on the point D1, on the tanker boat, you can find an Inca Sign.

Go to the back of the boat, enter the iron cabin,

Go down the stairs until you find a wooden gangway, cross, jump to the right, and lift your head to see a ceiling,

Hang on with the grappling hook and you will find two bombs of paintings that have made the graphiti of this tag

It looks like the tatoos of Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza.



You can find a snake on the map of Hourglass between B2 and B3, on the sand, just on the side of B2 on the Dune. The snake disappears after 20 meters, and it will reappear at the start of its course.


On the map of Rupture at frozen lake , when you start the game from the mountain F point, go to the left side of D1.

You can find on the way two chairs and a snowman.

In the same direction, walk until the left of D1 point , you can see the penguins at the bottom on the iceberg.

Run quickly because the penguins will quickly enter the water and disappear.


There are different varieties of birds in the game. On the map Hourglass you will find crows flying in groups.

On the map Breakaway, near the frozen lake there are also albatrosses.

On the map Manifest, near to the ocean and next to the boat you can find seagulls flying in the air.

Whale Skeleton

On the Breakaway map, you will find whale skeletons stranded on the shore of the frozen lake, on the shore of points A.


On the Discarded map, you will find crabs walking around and then sinking into the sand, they are near the water, in a quiet place on the map.


Cars Music

Since the first day of the game, you can turn on the radio in all the cars you drive (tuc-tuc, tesla etc) click on B. You can even hear on cars radio, lot of differents musics, classic, rock, pop, reggaetown.

You can even hear on cars radio, an exotic instrumental version of the battlefield theme.

Radio Music

On the Orbital map you can find 6 radios, they play music and can break them by hitting them, they will disappear.

Radio 1

Radio 2

Radio 3

Radio 4

Radio 5

Radio 6

Fun C5

When you have the explosives controller in your hand, and when you clik on it, you have differents messages on the controller screen. Destroyed! Detonated! C5 Go Brr! Ouch! C5 Activated! Nope! Bye bye! Kaboom! Gone! Eliminated!


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