Gun Gun Pixies – All Lingerie Locations

Where you can find all the hidden lingerie.

Hidden Lingerie Locations

Snow Tail

  • Mission 1, second order, room A, under Amayo’s bed.

Bomber Peach

  • Mission 2, second order, room C, under Kira’s bed.

Tiny Phaser

  • Mission 3, second order, room B, under Minami’s bed.

Planet Blue

  • Mission 4, second order, room A, under the sofa.

Pinky Baby

  • Mission 5, first order, room C, in the window.

White Rhapsody

  • Mission 6, first order, room B, in front of Minami’s bed.

Lovely Smash

  • Mission 7, first order, room A, under the desk.

Melon Soda

  • Mission 8, first order, room C, to the left of Kira’s bed.

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