GWENT: Rogue Mage – Trickster Event Guide

Using this guide will allow you to answer questions correctly. I will show you rewards in my runs. After answering correctly once you will unlock achievement “I Understood That Reference!”.

I Understood That Reference! Achievement

All it takes is a small hole for the largest ship to sink. What am i?

  • Correct answer is “TERROR OF THE SEAS”

As for forktails, bait them thusly: pound a stake in the soil, bind a goat to it, then hide ye in nearto shrubbery posthaste.

  • Correct answer is “FORKTAIL”

Griffins like to toy with their prey. Eat ’em alive, piece by piece. What am i?

  • Correct answer is “GRIFFIN”

Example of rewards

  • Reward: Eye of Nehaleni
  • Reward: Hedge Knight
  • Reward: Necromancer’s Tome

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