Hammerting – How to Farm and Use Mushrooms

Definitive Guide to Mushrooms


Have to find them and plant them in built soil, there is a tab in the bottom menu bar “Landscaping”. Make sure your production outweighs your consumption, otherwise you will end up having to find another wild mushroom.


Mushrooms are tricky. They are the only renewable source for healing materials, yet they have to be handled with care.

The difficulty comes from part of the mushroom harvest disappearing leading to you getting less mushrooms to re-seed than you had originally planted. May be the dwarfs eat some, may be they carry some into the building inventories right away.

So, the harvests must be left for re-planting exclusively until you have a massive and sustainable mushroom operation going. The trick is to stop all mushroom consumers, then designate a slot of 50 cells to mushroom parcel, and only then seed the soil with mushrooms. After all 50 cells start going, you can start designating consumers, while expanding the mushroom plantation up to 100 cells with a designated 600 item storage.

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