Hammerwatch II – Grappling Hook Guide

Hi! Here is a short guide on how to get a grappling hook as quickly as possible.

How to Get a Grappling Hook

All we need is a shovel.

And to leave Hammer Island.

Right after leaving Hammer Island and landing in Switch City.

We have to go north towards Scalem (you can go along the beach where there are no enemies).

We walk a bit north-west along the mountains until we reach a small cemetery with several tombstones.

Go inside, stand between the tombstones on the left and use the shovel.

Congratulations! You found the hookshot!

This tool is used to snap to beams. Most often it is a form of shortcut so as not to run too much, but it happens that sometimes it is the only way to get to some places.

Important note: the hookshot goes to the last tab in the inventory, which means that it is needed for one of the quests.

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