Headquarters: World War II – Definitive Skills Guide

Guide to Skills

Basic Skills

Basic skills are the abilities a unit comes with. They determine a lot of its capabilities. You can always look them up in the Unit info (see User Interface above).

Some examples of such skills are Low/Medium/High Profile (determining how noticeable and easy to hit the unit is), Light/Medium/ Heavy (determining what types of obstacles and objects the unit can run over), Clear Wreck (allowing unit to remove Wrecks), Tank Machine Gun (allowing unit to deal extra damage to Unarmored targets at close range), and so on.

Note that some skills could be both Basic and unlocked through a Level up, depending on the unit class – for example, a Sniper shot ability.

Level Up Skills

The Level up skills can be learned in the Level Up tab after the unit has gained a new level. Units can reach up to 3 levels and learn a total of 3 Level up skills. There are 3 tiers of Level up skills. To learn tier 2 skills, you have to learn at least one tier 1 skill. To learn tier 3 skills, you have to learn 2 skills from previous tiers.

Note that you could either learn one tier 1, one tier 2, and one tier 3 skill, or two tier 1 skills, and one tier 2 or tier 3.

On top of learning new skills, all units gain a passive bonus to their parameters that increases with each Level up, which is called a Level up bonus – increasing Morale and Accuracy.

Hero Skills

Each Hero comes with 3 powerful skills that a unit gains when the Hero is assigned to it. In Campaign mode, you can Assign or Reassign heroes to your units between operations in the Headquarters screen. In Skirmish/Multiplayer, if you have heroes enabled in the game settings, you can Assign heroes to units after you Acquired them but before you have Deployed them. If a unit with a hero is eliminated in Campaign – it will come back after you finish the battle. If a unit with a hero is eliminated in Skirmish/Multiplayer, you can Assign this hero again to another undeployed unit.

Headquarters Skills

Headquarters (or HQ) skills represent the help of your high command off the map. Every Campaign mission has its own set of HQ skills available. Every new rank you gain in Campaign decreases the Cooldown of all HQ skills by 1 turn.

In Skirmish and Multiplayer – you can set up to 4 HQ skills as well as adjust their Cooldown reduction.

Officer Skills

Officer skills are available in Campaign and you can learn them between battles. The number of Skill points available corresponds to the number of awards you gained.

Officers skills are split into 3 branches – Armor, Infantry, and Artillery, with 7 tiers in each. To unlock next-tier skills, you have to learn skills in the previous ones.

There are also “linked” skills – two skills that are licked by a chain icon. This means that a higher-tier linked skill cannot be learned without the lower-tier linked skill.

You can always Reset your skills and learn different ones between battles with no penalty.

Officer skills offer powerful bonuses to your troops, so learning and integrating them into your tactics is vital to your success.

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