Hellcoming – Tips for New Players

What should I do if I am no longer alive? How can you get rid of artifacts? Why isn’t my tool working?

Beginners Hints

How to destroy artifacts?

  • School – You need to pick up the skull from the Altar and burn it in furnace.
  • Sanatorium – You need to throw the bottle in incandescent cube, then you can pick up it.

What I need to do?

  • Need to clear the location. The board in the van shows, what you should to clear to destroy the rune. You can see cleaning progress on the blue monitor, its outside near the van.

I’m died, what I can do?

  • After death, players enter to the demon’s territory. You need to go through the portal and then you back to real world. Also in wounded, you can’t run.

I can’t leave the basement/ cage

  • The black metal door can be opened only from the outside. If you are inside, only players who are outside can save you by opening door.

Why my tool not working or make a single beep?

  • Vacuumer is overfilled, UV Lamp is burned out or brush become too dirty? So it’s time to destroy it in furnace.

Why new tools don’t appear on table?

  • On the location you can have only 4 types of each special tools at the same time. If you lost it somewhere, you have to go back and find it.

Why I cant run

  • Probably you were bitten by a rat, spider or you stood on fire for a long time. Use the injector from the medstation.
  • If u step on hell liquids, it slow you down
  • If you step on trap (apple or candy), you can’t move for a while.
  • The big spider from the second map shoots slime at you that completely consume your stamina.


  • Dont go in the black metal door if you injured or running from demon, because it will close and you will be locked up.
  • The black smoke can blind you. Use UV lamp to destroy it
  • The Voodoo Dolls starts screaming if you take it. Demon can hear it too.
  • If the door closed by abomination, you can use UV Lamp to open it more faster.
  • You can instantly be escape from the trap, if you or your teammate shine a UV Lamp on legs.
  • Bring the injector for wounded teammate, if you go to rescue him from captivity. He can use it and start running right away.
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