Into the Radius VR – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A list of all ten achievements for the Into the Radius VR game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

My Bloody Buddy

  • Likely your first achievement, just purchase a firearm from the shop. The tutorial teaches you how to do this and it’s possible this is where you’ll get the achievement.

Hello, Darkness

  • Die in the zone.

Note, since the 2.0 update for some reason I haven’t been able to get this, maybe bugged for now?


  • Climb to the top of the crane.

Around the middle of Bolotky Village is a giant yellow crane, part of it collapsed, in front of a large decayed three story building. Get yourself into the middle of the crane and you’ll see a ladder and handholds that you can grab. It’s a very long way up and you’ll have to switch from handholds to ladders to handholds, turning on your way. You can turn while holding onto a ladder or handhold at least, from there it’s up to you to keep your grip properly, just take it slow and careful. There used to be extra guns at the top but since 2.0 it appears to be randomized items or gear.

Classic Move

  • Kill an enemy with an exploding propane tank.

Best place to find propane tanks is the supply depot in Pervomay Route. It’s in the northeast section with the two hangar-type buildings, near the huge green anomaly area. Go into the depot through the front door (which is the western approach of the depot, though keep in mind the compass doesn’t seem to point north but to that big radius in the sky all the time). You could probably just do a suicide run, pick up the tank, run up to a monster, shoot the tank and blow everything up. When you shoot a tank it lets out a loud screeching sound for about 3 seconds before exploding, just so you’re warned if you’ve never done this before.

Ground Control

  • Find every tape about the history of the Radius.

There are 4 total. I’m not sure about the locations. I’ve found one so far because I’m always very picky and looting everything I can, which is always a good idea in these kinds of games.

Shooting Ranger

  • Complete the killhouse in the shooting range game mode.

The shooting range is currently not in the game with the 2.0 release; hopefully it will make a return soon. You used to enter it just through the main menu, so if you see the game patch and it’s in the main menu again, go for it.

Shine Bright

  • Pick up one of every type of artifact.

There are 18 total: Shard, Broken Shard, Neon, Blank, etc (to be filled in later).

Impeccable Shot

  • Kill an enemy from 300 meters away.

Best to just play the game until you unlock Security Level 3 where you can get sniper rifles.

Unseen Danger

  • Take damage from the stomper anomaly.

The stomper is invisible and only given away by its stomping noise. Just taking damage works, you don’t have to die, but it’s best to save first and then just load after getting this (the classic save scum way). Bolotki Village is said to have some of these, though the factory might as well.

Immortal Soul

  • Finish the game on ironman mode, which means no manual saving.

The achievement simply says ironman mode, but it’s also claimed that you have to do it in survival mode which means no seeing your location on the map, no tracers, and no healing during sleep. But also apparently there’s a bug where people are having trouble unlocking this so I’d say be extremely wary of going for this achievement, and if you do make sure to keep a save before the end so you can try to unlock it after a patch that might fix it.

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