Hero of Fate – Tips for Unlocking the Various Professions

How to Unlock Some of Professions


Level 1: The Beginning of the Adventure, unlocked after completing the main event Barroom Melee


Level 2: Ominous Signs, unlocked after completing the side event Goblin Crisis II


Level 2: Ominous Signs, unlocked after completing the event Bustling Bazaar.


Level 3: Dead Souls Wilderness, unlocked after completing the side-event Journey to Requiem, which consists of a series of 4 events


The second level of Unknown Omen, the pre-event Old Man, the subsequent event Old Man II will appear after the generosity, unlocked after completing the Old Man II quest.


The second level of Unknown Omen, the second time you enter the tavern, you will be invited to drink, and then the subsequent event Thief will appear, after completing the Thief quest, the subsequent event Sewer will appear, and you can unlock the Thief after you pass through the Sewer Labyrinth.


The second level of the Omen of the Unknown, the event Alchemist, is a series of quests, he asked you to collect a variety of materials to refine the potion, one by one after the completion of the alchemist can be unlocked. (Very hard)


The second level of Unknown Omen, event Sorrowful Poet, promised to help him retrieve the harp, after defeating the kobolds to obtain the harp, will open the subsequent event bard, only to return the harp to him to unlock.


The third level of the Dead Souls Wilderness, Grave Robbers event quest, complete a series of related events to unlock the Necromancer.

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