Starfield – How to Increase Ship Speed to Fly Between Celestial Bodies

How to Cheat

Starfield’s space is not as closed off as it may appear, you can fly between planets, but the speed is realistic so it will take a very long time.

However, with Starfield cheat codes (console commands), you can remove this limitation!

First off, use the command “forceav spaceshipboostspeed X” X – being a value between 0-999999

This will make you go way faster than intended (or slower if u enjoy CBT).

Then, to go even faster, set the game speed using the command “sgtm X” I would advise avoiding values above 90 as it could cause motion sickness, and really any value above 120 is basically unplayable.

Planet and other celestial bodies also have realistic orbits and rotation, so if you need to slow em down you use the command “SetOrbitSpeedScale X” the default value is 1, so setting it to 0 will stop the movement altogether.

Bethesda needs to add some sort of ingame hyperdrive or something to allow this to be done naturally, as it is quite fun.

Copy and Paste Commands:

  • forceav spaceshipboostspeed 999999
  • sgtm 20
  • SetOrbitSpeedScale 0

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