Hi-Fi RUSH – How to Transfer GamePass Save to Steam

If you want to transfer your saves from GamePass to Steam read below.

Guide to Transfer GamePass Save to Steam


  • Go to:
    • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\BethesdaSoftworks.Hibiki_3275kfvn8vcwc\SystemAppData\wgs\0009000004939D64_00000000000000000000000076CB1B01
  • There will be 2 folders one contains 2+mb file this is your saveslot file, and in another there is 24kb file wich is Profile.sav.
  • Copy it to:
    • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\Hi-Fi RUSH (STEAM)\Saved\SaveGames
  • Rename 2+mb to SaveGameSlot1.sav and 24kb to Profile.sav
  • Enjoy your not lost progress.

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  1. Thank you so much! Loved the game so much from playing it on GamePass that I wanted to buy it but I didn’t want to lose all my progress.

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