Hold Your Own – Ultimate Quest Guide

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Definitive Guide to Quests

Quest 1: Gather Wood Logs

Use your Axe to chop down trees and Gather 10 Wood Logs.

Wood Logs are used for a variety of crafting recepies but most commonly used as fuel in Campfires and Forges, as well as to make wood planks which are used primarily for thw construcktion of your base.

  • Reward: 5 Iron Ore

Quest 2: Craft Pickaxe

Craft a Pickaxe in your inventory. Pickaxe are used to mine Stone and Ore.

  • Reward: 10 Iron Ore

Quest 3: Gather Stone

Use your Pickaxe to mine and gather 10 Stones. Large Stones can be found all over the map to mine stone from and are used for a variety of crafting recepies but most commonly used to make sand for crafting of empty bottles for water.

  • Reward: 15 Nails

Quest 4: Craft Wood Planks

Craft 1 Wood Plank in your inventory. Wood Planks are use as requirement to craft construcktion objects such as Foundation and Walls for bases.

  • Reward: 10 Wood Planks

Quest 5: Craft a Wooden Foundation

Craft a Wooden Foundation in your inventory. Wooden Foundations are used as the foundation of your base. Multiple foundation can be snapped together to make a large bases.

  • Reward: 10 Nails

Quest 6: Craft a Wooden Crate

Craft a Wooden Crate in your inventory. Crates are used as storage chest for all types of Items.

  • Reward: 10 Nails

Quest 7: Craft a Bed

Craft a Bed in your inventory. Beds become your spawn point after re spawning from a death. If you die and have no Bed placed in your base, you will re spawn in a random location of the map, making hard to relocate your base.

  • Reward: 3 Apples

Quest 8: Craft a Campfire

Craft a Campfire in your Inventory. Campfires are used to cook basic food and make drinkable items for thirst. Later, you will be able to craft a wooden and electric stove for more advanced foods.

  • Reward: 5 Iron Ore

Quest 9: Find Food

Locate and gather food. Food can be found on the landscape in the form of plants or looted in buildings and homes. As you progress in the game, you will eventually be able to grow your own crops and other various ways to gather foods.

  • Reward: 5 Iron Ore

Quest 10: Craft a Hunting Knife

Craft a Hunting Knife in your inventory. The hunting knife is necessary in order to strip killed animals of meat, fat and animal hide

  • Reward: 2 Animal Hide

Quest 11: Craft an Archer Bow

Craft an Archer Bow in your inventory. Archer Bows are useful for killing animals but caution using them against Human AI and aggressive animals such as Bears and Wolfes

  • Reward: 5 Arrow

Quest 12: Kill an animal and strip items

Kill a Wolf or Bear and strip it by using your hunting knife. The items obtained are used in a variety of crafting recepies

  • Reward: 2 Leather

Quest 13: Craft a Forge

Craft a Forge in your inventory. Forges are used to melt down Ores and create Ingots.

  • Reward: 5 Iron Ingots

Quest 14: Find a cave, gather some Iron

Find a cave and mine some Iron Ore. Iron will be needed for many crafting recepies. There are several Iron exclusive caves on Dead Island from you to choose from. Titanium and Diamonds can be found in caves in snow Biomes and Aluminium, cobalt and various others can be found in caves on other Islands.

Look around little towns primarily for caves. All caves respawn ores every day at midnight.

  • Reward: 10 Iron Ore

Quest 15: Craft a Workbench

Craft a Workbench in your Inventory. the Workbench is one of the most important crafting stations and will allow you to craft various other crafting stations ( Water Tank, Weapons Bench and Chemistry Station just to name a few).

  • Reward: 100 Gold Coins

Quest 16: Locate your Brother

Locate and rescue your Brother Mark the Mechanic (possible location identified on the map with a red exclamation point). He can be found randomly in 1 of 5 Garages on the map. Once found, a marker will be set on the map. The Mechanic can provide you with various items, including vehicles such as cars. He also has some intel about the rest of your crew.

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