Homestar Runner: Halloween Hide N’ Seek – Come on in Here/Did a Dance Achievement Guide

This is about on how to get the Come on in here and Did a dance achievements.

How to Obtain Come on in Here/Did a Dance Achievements


I recommend beating the game on your own before doing this achievement‚Ķ but I can’t stop you from using this on your first play through.

To get this achievement you need to use the Jibblies painting on 10 items/characters.

The order doesn’t really matter, the only thing that matters is that you show it to strong mad last.

Getting the Painting

To get the painting you need to do three things:

  1. Find the Poopsmith

The Poopsmith is hiding in the bush next to Marzipan’s house. To find him you just have to click on him when he peeks out of the bush.

  1. Get the shovel

When you find him he will leave his shovel in the bush, click it to put it into your inventory.

  1. Dig up the Whatsit

Simply click the shovel in your inventory and then click the pile of Whatsit next to the castle.

And the Jibblies painting will be under the Whatsit. Click it and it should be yours!


Go back to Marzipan’s house (now with the painting).

Use the painting on her door and she’ll say it’s a good song?


Go to Bubs’ Conces5ion Stand and you’ll see the King of Town bouncing on a trampoline.

Click the painting in your inventory then click on him.

He’ll tell you that he won’t fall for that one again.

Real Nice Wall

Use the Painting on the Real nice wall of Bubs’ Conces5ion stand.

Homestar will be annoyed with you.


At the spooky woods you’ll find a tree with a hole in it.

Use the painting on it and Homestar will hang it up on it and comment on how it’s still terrifying.

Strong Sad

While you’re in the spooky woods (the starting area) you’ll see there’s a tree with a ladder next to it.

Syd useman it to climb into the reality-bending tree.

In said tree you’ll find Strong Sad (and Homsar but he isn’t relevant to this achievement).

Use the painting on him and he’ll comment on how it doesn’t phase him.

Pom Pom

Use the ladder on the real nice brick wall of Bubs’ Conces5ion stand and syd useman it to get up on the roof.

There you’ll find Pom Pom.

Use the Jibblies painting on him and he’ll be unfazed.


To find Bubs you need to go to the castle and oh look! a wall! let me dial in my phone number!

Yep there’s a code you need to input. The code is written on the door of the Conces5ion stand but you can’t see it unless you give up the painting.

So you just gotten guess or cheat it.

The code is: down right left up.

When you input the brick wall code it’ll open, revealing Bubs and his rat casino.

Use the painting on him and he’ll comment on how the last hour of his life was worse than the jibblies could ever be.

Coach Z

Take the key from the tree hole (if you didn’t get it at the very start of your playthrough)

Go to the Cool Car (or the Gremlin as its called in this game?) and use the key on it.

It’ll unlock and you’ll get two options. Click the trunk release option and Coach Z will be free!

Use the painting on him and he’ll get the jibblies.

Strong Bad

On the roof of the Conce5sion stand you can change the sign (after you find Pom Pom of course). Change it to “best no scads bouncin” and climb down.

Tell the King of Town to look at the sign. He’ll see it and stop bouncing. Find him and then syd getman the trampo.

Head to the castle and place the trampo on the cursed earth. Syd bounceman on it to get inside the castle (to Strong Bad’s annoyance).

Use the painting on him and he (just like 90% of the other characters in this game) will be unfazed (for once) by its presence.

Strong Mad

Strong Mad is the LAST character you should use the painting on as when you do it disappears and you lose the ability to get the achievement and need to restart.

Strong Mad is hiding behind the Conces5ion stand as he’s too big to hide anywhere else.

Use the painting on him and he’ll run away.

If you’ve done everything correctly then you should get some text telling you so.

You’ll also get the “Come on in here” achievement.

But your quest is not done yet!

Your Reward

Go to the exact spot where your quest started and you’ll see a giant X on the ground.

Click it and the goblin will appear (and do a little dance for you)!

And you got the achievements!

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