Rift Walker – Ultimate Totem Guide

This guide will teach you how to obtain and where to activate the totems, this will also explain the benefits of each and every totem in the totem benefits section!

Definitive Guide to Totems

What Are the Class Totems?

The Class Totems are essentially Passive Effects! Although you may only choose one at a time!

For example: Your party has Hero’s Balance activated, but chooses to activate Warrior’s Might, now the party will have Warrior’s Might instead of Hero’s Balance!

These totems become available to the player once you obtain Lucian as a party member!

These can provide huge advantages in your battles depending on the effect you are looking for/prefer!

Where to Find/How to Obtain?

Where do you find the Class Totems you ask?

Well first you need to recruit Lucian, the Priest Class to your arsenal of party members!

I slightly hint that you should check out the Rift Walker’s Shack in the Rural Farmtown once you recruit Lucian, well this is where I put the Totems, and some other useful things that come later in the game!

Basically to unlock a new Totem, you must unlock the corresponding party member that starts off at that class!

The Gunslinger and Assassin totems are acquired through the main story if you explore the areas that it takes you to!

The other 5 side classes that got added later are obtained from simply entering a new towns Recruitment Guild for the first time!

So for the Archer for example you just need to enter the Rifthaven Recruitment Guild for the first time, and Archer’s Accuracy will be available to you in the Rift Walker’s Shack!

Class Totem Benefits

These are the 7 base totems that were the only ones in the game originally:

The Totems are Hero’s Balance, Warrior’s Might, Mage’s Mysticism, Squire’s Will, Priest’s Purge, Gunslinger’s Trigger Finger, and Assassin’s Agility!

Hero’s balance:

This totem provides a balanced small boost to all stats, while also providing a experience boost!


  • 100 HP
  • 50 Mana
  • 10 all other stats
  • 5% Experience Gained!

Warrior’s might:

This totem provides a Critical Hit chance and a larger Attack boost than Hero’s Balance!


  • 15 Attack
  • 10% Critical Hit Chance

Mage’s mysticism:

This totem provides a Mana Cost reduction, a small magical reflection chance, and a larger Intellect boost than Hero’s Balance!


  • 10% Mana Cost
  • 5% Magic Reflection Chance
  • 15 Intellect

Squire’s will:

This totem provides a large amount of Special Energy per turn, and a larger Defense boost than Hero’s Balance!


  • 12 Special Energy (SE) per turn!
  • 15 Defense

Priest’s purge:

This totem provides a large Darkness Resistance and full immunity to Petrification debuff!


  • 25% Darkness Resistance
  • Petrification Immunity!

Gunslinger’s trigger finger:

This Totem provides a smaller amount of Special Energy than Squire’s Will, and a attack speed boost!


  • 6 Special Energy (SE) per turn!
  • 20 Attack Speed (may change to 40)

Assassin’s agility:

This totem provides a Evasion Rate, a Critical Evasion Rate, and a larger Dexterity Boost than Hero’s Balance!


  • 10% Evasion Rate
  • 25% Critical Evasion Rate
  • 15 Dexterity!

These 5 totems are a newer edition, with the Recruitment Guild Update!

These totems are: Archer’s Accuracy, Spellsword’s Insight, Berserker’s Fury, Rogue’s Deft Hands, and Antagonizer’s Aura!

Archer’s accuracy:

This totem provides a large boost to Hit Rate and removes getting surprised in battles!


  • 20% Hit Rate
  • removes “you have been surprised” from battles

Spellsword’s insight:

This totem provides a interesting debuff/ailment that makes enemies more prone to Magical Damage!


  • Enemies take 15% more Magical Damage!

Berserker’s fury:

This totem provides a interesting debuff/ailment that makes enemies more prone to Physical Damage!


  • Enemies take 15% more Physical Damage!

Rogue’s deft hands:

This totem provides a large steal rate buff, a small critical hit chance, and the same Dexterity Boost as Hero’s Balance!


  • 30% Steal Rate
  • 5% Critical Hit Chance
  • 10 Dexterity

Antagonizer’s aura:

This totem provides a interesting debuff to enemies that make them more prone to other debuffs/ailments!


  • Makes enemies much more prone to debuffs/status effects!

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