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Mulan In-depth Guide



Remember when is the correct time to use passive I would suggest  to go in practice mode and practice it there first on how to dive in and out of turret!

Skill 1

  • Snacking Strike

Tip: Can be used as the main skill of mobility  and reach the Adc which is usually at the most safest place in a 5v5 you can use Snaking Strike to get past their support and other heroes in the way and dash on them  to safely kill their backline! 

The Mulan dual Sword form can increase the movement speed, and both general attacks and skills can superimpose imprints on enemy heroes, and after stacking five layers, it will cause silence and slow down for 1s. The location of the mark is marked like a flower, located under the target. 

The Mulan Light Sword skill is two stages, and the second stage can be triggered after the first stage hits the target, and the effect of the two stages is exactly the same. Each segment is divided into two small displacements, each of which can be marked with a layer of imprint, the first small displacement is controlled by the direction of the skill, the second small displacement is changed by the moving wheel, and Mulan can turn back through the wall. Mulan can also use the Wild Monster Line to pursue targets or evacuate the battlefield. Mulan can cancel the second small bit movement, but it will not affect the superposition of the number of imprint layers, which can prevent Mulan from drifting during operation. Mulan often uses two ways to cancel: 1A articulation general attack丨12 articulation skills.

  • Sundering Slash

Tip: After reaching ADC you can use basic attack then  Sundering slash and deal damage to the adc and can slow or launch depending on the charge time it’s good when you’re  ganking mid.

Skill 2

  • Dagger Waltz
  • Blade Flurry

(Dagger Waltz): This is the perfect opportunity to slow the enemy or even try to steal a jg camp or buff as it does dmg during time and it can also be used to zone out the enemy in lane.

(Blade Flurry): Can be used to  push enemies against the wall, in the turret or outside our jungle they can get out of it but it does some good dmg and slows them.

Skill 3

It depends on what type of sword you have and what you changing into.

Tip: Make the correct call that when you have to switch to heavy or light/dual swords if you’re in a situation where you are getting alot of dmg use a heavy sword to reduce dmg + dealing dmg at the same time! If your on a hunt use Dual swords to get the extra  attack speed  and movement speed.


Since Mulan will not choose attack speed attribute equipment, the low attack speed will lead to the inability to connect the second general attack in time in a short period of time, that is, the general attack in 1a1a cannot rely solely on the general attack to cancel the second small displacement backswing in the second section 1a.  In order to ensure that the second section of Mulan 1a does not float, the 1a1a process always pulls back the direction of movement at the same time, after the first section 1a, first turn back a step and then pick up the second section 1a, card the rhythm of the next general attack.You can also turn back after the first 1a to ensure the fluency of the skill general attack connection, so that the target is still within the attack range.

  • Throw out the light sword: imprint丨Cooldown

The light sword thrown by Mulan will cause a layer of imprint directly through the target, and if the farthest end of the card light sword hits, it can instantly superimpose two layers of imprint and cause slowdown. Mulan can pick up the light sword separately in the two forms, and after picking, it will reduce the cooling of the second skill by 5s, which has certain requirements for the position of the light sword release.

  • Light swords→ heavy swords

When the Mulan Light Sword cuts the heavy sword, it can deal range damage and increase its own physical attack, and the red energy under the character’s health increases the duration of the physical attack by 5s.

  • Heavy sword form

Note: Although the Mulan HS form will reduce the attack speed of the general attack, it can deal additional damage, and it will be in the hegemonic body and get 50% damage free during the release of one or two skills.

  • Heavy details: skill range丨Charge to shoot fly丨Damage-free overlord

The Mulan heavy  skill is two stages, and the first stage can trigger the second stage after hitting the target, and the effect of the two stages is exactly the same and the actual range of each segment is farther than the skill indicator. Mulan is in the hegemonic body during the charge to avoid damage, charging to 0.25s to cause slowdown, charging to 1.75s to cause flying while incidental knockback effect, charging 2s to reach the upper limit of damage, that is, the blue progress time above the character. In fact, Mulan can hit control and full damage when he charges up to three-quarters of the progress time.Mulan Heavy One has a certain backswing after being released, which can be canceled by connecting general attacks or other skills, and the second heavy two can continue to avoid damage to the hegemonic body. In the form of Mulan heavy, it can be instantly damaged by 11a11 hits.

  • Slash four knives: forward displacement丨 Knock back deceleration丨 Avoid damage to the overlord

 Mulan advances and slashes four knives in a row, each with knockback and deceleration effects, during which Mulan is in the hegemonic body to avoid damage, and heavy two are usually used to split formations, reverse pushback, and resist control. Heavy two flashes are mostly used to adjust the position, dodge damage while controlling C closely.

  • Heavy  → light sword

 When the Mulan heavy  cuts the light sword, it can deal range damage and increase its own attack speed and movement speed, and the red energy under the character’s health increases the attack speed duration by 5s.  The damage range of the Mulan Light Sword when cutting the heavy sword is farther than the heavy sword cutting the light sword.

Ability Combos

Mulan’s basic combos are not complicated, the key lies in how quickly the light sword form is used and the reasonable switching between the light sword and the heavy sword.

Method one 丨1a, Mulan first uses the far end of the thrown light sword to quickly superimpose two layers of imprints, and then connect <>a to instantly stack five layers, which is also the fastest and most common way for Mulan to cause silence.

The number of imprint layers can be judged by the number of petals below the character,  if she is being chased by 2 enemies and after the mirror is shown with three layers of imprints by the light sword, Mulan turns back to do  1a32 and can instantly kill. 

Method two丨 121a, Mulan first 1 close to throw the light sword and then connect 1a instant to play silent, you can also make up for one more general attack according to the situation 1a21a.

From this, Mulan can use the enemy’s front row to get close to the enemy’s rear row or use the soldier line monster to get close to the target.

1A: Feign attack/with Zhuang Zhou/close the distance.

21A: Light sword slows down / close Zhang Liang / Hit silently.

  • The second move in a row flashed.
  • Light flash, Mulan 21 flash a3 instant second yuanfang, light flash is for instant close target seconds out of silence.

Heavy one flash, Mulan 231 flash 1a won a double kill, through the initial charging direction of heavy one to confuse the opponent, when the enemy C position relaxed his vigilance and the charging progress to three-quarters, and then unexpectedly flashed close to cause control.

  • Three consecutive moves丨 light and heavy switching

Mulan, 21a13211a11/won the double kill.

21a1: Throw the light sword / light sword slows down / close silence.

32: Cut to Epee / Forward Slash / Damage Repair.

11a11: Second Heavy One/Connected Attack/Instant Damage.

Interpretation: Mulan can quickly cut the heavy sword and follow the heavy sword after causing silence at close range in the form of a light sword to ensure seamless control during the silent period, which is also Mulan’s common combo after entering the field or killing alone.

Mulan, 121a Position 3211/Anti-Kill Luna.

1: Prioritize pulling/adjusting position/dodging control.

21a: Throw the light sword / light sword slows down / turns back and is silent.

Position 32: Detail Move/Cut to Epee/Slash Back.

Interpretation: Mulan light one second small position removes the attention cancellation back shake, and can also be used for pulling when chasing or being pursued; Mulan takes advantage of the silence of Luna, and the details move behind her to push it back to the tower.

Typically, Mulan  can push back 21a132 in reverse.

After using the 1232 t to get close, quickly connect the second segment behind him.

Double push, Mulan can hit two heavy two controls, that is, 121a322.

The double push is usually a light hand of Mulan, and when close, the light sword is quickly released on the subsequent heavy two’s slashing path for pickup.

The double push also requires a 25% cooling reduction, and Mulan has a full skill heavy two cooling of 7.5s under this cooling, so that when the first heavy two picks up the thrown light sword to get 5s cooldown, it happens to seamlessly connect to the second heavy two.

  • Flexibly use four moves in a row

After mastering the above three sets of combos of Mulan, it is more necessary to use flexibly according to the situation in actual combat, Mulan consumes and pulls after cutting the heavy sword to avoid damage and resist control, and after killing tank, cut to the light sword to adjust the position to harvest the mink cicada.

Light Sword Form Points: First Hand Close / Pull Consumption / Key Silence.

Key points of the epee form: reasonable damage avoidance / resistance control / timely slashing.

If Mulan forcibly enters the field head-on, it is difficult to cut to the enemy’s C position, and you can use the advantage of vision through the grass to hit the first hand, 21 flash A3/instant second dry general; Reasonable squatting grass is the core element of playing Mulan well.

In the team battle, Mulan first throws the light sword consumption at close range, then cuts the heavy sword to store one, uses the flash to hit high damage, and then cuts the light sword to complete the battlefield harvest.


5 Harmony 3 Hunting 2 Stealth 10 Hawkeye 1 Red Moon 9 Mutation

Selects 3 hunting 1 Red Moon to Camulan attack speed threshold to improve the operation feel of light sword 1A and heavy sword general attack; 5 Reconcile to increase movement speed and recovery, 2 Stealth to increase damage

Mulan Light Sword and heavy sword are two attack speed models, and there is a 60% attack speed bonus when the heavy sword cuts to light sword for 5s.

This set of arcana makes Mulan in light sword form, with an attack speed of 10.6% exactly stuck in the 10.2% attack speed gear.


If you get gold and its late game buy this  resurrection item.

After the resurrection armor is knocked out, it can be replaced with a blood demon or a famous knife according to the situation.

Since Mulan has two modes, the cost performance of the Resistance Boots is not as high as that of the Kage Ninja Foot.

Mulan usually needs close output, and the heavy sword form is bound to continue to bear damage, and the passive fearlessness of the violent armor is very suitable for Mulan.

If the enemies are against those items, Mulan can choose this item set, the black cut is supplemented with the armor of the guardian for the transition, the headwind first comes out of the Star Hammer to ensure the target, and the order of the witch’s cloak and the ominous sign is selected according to the enemy’ linup.

Mulan has a  damage-reduction  ability when released in the heavy sword form, while the pure firmament is also 50% damage- reduction.

The cd of Mulan is reduced to 25%, the cooling of light 4 and heavy 5 is 9.7s when full skill, the cooling of light 5 is 5s, the cooling of heavy <> is <>.<>s, and the light sword can be picked up to reduce the cooling by <>S.

Recommended Summoner Skill: Flash

Mulan usually starts withtaking s2 first, using the thrown light sword to clear the lane remotely; If the enemy mis moves and changes positioning near the light sword, Mulan can directly take a fight in close after grabbing the second blade.

When Mulan is winning the lane before level 4, she will often use the s2 light sword to quickly clear the rear lane of troops, and then push  the lane and pick up the light sword after it has cleared the minions.

If Mulan establishes an advantage in the early stage, at level four, she can use the grass to jam the vision and kill the tower.

Mulan level four is a big change, if the two sides before level four are mainly developed, at the level four, Mulan can control the wave of the minions in lane and  kill the enemy with simple combo, a11a231 flash 1a / kill Lv Bu.

A: Control the troops to  lvl four / leave the enemy;

1: Pretend to clear the lane/borrow the lane;

1A23: Close sword drop/circuit blocking output;

 Use combo to jump on enemy = 1 Flash 1A: Charge Flash/Details Single Kill.

  • Actual combat 2: Grabbing the lane and wandering the idea of team battle.
  • After you reach level 4  you can push/hold the minions and do alot of stuff.
  • Very easily.

Mulan itself is positioned as a war torn cutting C, which is the first choice in the middle and late stages, and can surprise close targets with the help of the line of troops and flashing.

Since the Mulan Light Sword form can play silently, if there is a chance, it will definitely be grasped and never let go, and the starting hand is usually 21 flash A3.

Although the release skill in the Mulan heavy sword form has a tankishy body, it is still afraid of control when entering the field in team battles, and usually chooses the second time light sword form to cut in.

If you are targeted by the enemy when the team enters the field, you can pretend to deal with the enemy’s front row and find a rear row close to the enemy to charge a heavy one, and then flash at the right time to complete the kill.

Mulan is more difficult to deal with Meng Tian, Xiang Yu, Zhu Bajie and Xia Hou Wei in the line period, especially Zhu Bajie is simply a lifelong enemy; For other sides of the line, it depends on the specific operation details, the pulling consumption in the light sword form and the tanky body in the heavy sword form are free from damage, and Mulan can limit Ma Chao’s low-level battle thorns in the early stage.

Button Layout 

Also make the target dealing dmg to closest. Let’s start with which heroes that counter Mulan in top.

Xiahou Wei 

As long as the opposite Mulan is better than my team, you take out Xiahou Wei and absolutely beat her

If Mulan wants to beat Xia Hou Wei at the same level, she must at least have the top 50 leaderboard title, new mulan players can’t fight against him 

The specific way to play is that when she starts with a light sword, you will make a wild move to prevent being silenced, and then she will charge the power of the heavy sword and you will go around her sides or behind her, and then leave the second skill to wait for her to cut the light sword to slow her down, and leave the second stage one skill to prevent her from escaping.

If she starts with her heavy sword, you won’t fight her.

And before level four, you have to press her, before level four she can’t beat you, in addition, don’t forget to come out with resistance shoes and meat suits.

Ma Chao

The way to play is to trick her light sword with a big move gun to pull her and pull her light sword skill, don’t let her stick to you, she charges with heavy sword  poke with a gun, stand on both sides of her to keep a distance, she runs with a light sword and runs in pursuit, exhausted, and she will  run to the tower and die

Mulan at the same level can’t beat Ma Chao.


The premise is that Yao can play. However, Yao top lane is not very powerful, and generally goes to fight in jg.

The way to play is also, with a big trick to deceive her light sword, fight attrition, and stand on either side of her heavy sword skill range.

Be careful not to be glued, and play more combos that are pulled and consumed.

For example, an energy, 1a2 33, etc.


The same level of Mulan is not good to fight Zhu Bajie/ ata.

Pay attention to the first skill to hit her, the second skill to pull her as far as possible against the wall, she cut the light sword to remember the big move to frame her.

As long as you don’t get hit by a full heavy sword, or you can’t hit her with one skill, she can’t fight you.

Heroes that Mulan Counters

Mozi’s more powerful point is control and poke ability, Mulan 2 skill to hit Mozi with general attack can be silent, switching epee skills can also be immune control, high damage free can avoid being killed by Mozi in seconds, whether it is a single challenge or a team battle can easily suppress Mozi.

Luban No. 7 has a high output as a shooter in the later stage, but the self-preservation ability is too poor, no displacement skills can only rely on flash escape, Mulan can squat in the grass and wait until Luban appears after the first hand <> skill to move out the silent effect, cut the heavy sword to control a set of damage, can easily kill Luban No. <>.

And other heroes that break when silenced or have low mobility 

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • The common arcana is: ten hunts, ten eagle eyes, six red moons and four mutations, so that there are 19.6Attack speed, the speed of light silence I think you will all be, I think hunting hundred wear 10 attack speed is not enough, level 4 can not do second silence, that is, the speed of light 1A1, with this set of inscriptions, level 4 is touched by you is seconds silence, suitable for the early rhythm of this version, of course, it is recommended to hide a hundred wear, follow the flow or will not be wrong, but I played Mulan for 4 seasons, it has always been this set of inscriptions, you can try it if you are interested, there are miracles
  • Watch less live broadcast, nothing to practice more, this hero is just like Luna, you can’t learn anything by watching live broadcast, you can only rely on your time to practice!
  • There are two kinds of second silence, 1A1 and 121, play crispy with these two, attack speed 1A1 is faster than 121 silence, that’s why I brought the attack speed inscription, 1 second is enough silence on the opposite side. Fighters can choose 2 skills to start with, and then 1 skill to advance
  • Heavy sword after switching, you don’t have a displacement skill, and in the vacuum period of 4 to 5 seconds, you are the living target of the opposite mage and AD, so before you are silent to the opposite C position, try not to cut the heavy blade, if you have to cut, it is when you are controlled.
  • Heavy blade  1 Flash, this combo is honestly not so hard, team combat is highly practical, little effect on the line, don’t waste the flash, in the later stage of your flash can determine a wave of group victory and defeat.
  • Common combo 121 cut epee 2A1A1, the first stage of the epee 1 skill seconds to put flat A and then charge the second stage, depending on whether the situation should flash.
  • As other answers say, Mulan’s core play is to squat grass, I play Mulan can squat to the opposite side to doubt life, common is the middle river grass, the opposite red buff grass, the opposite road under the road between 1 tower and 2 towers of grass, commonly used are these, with seconds silence, not the tank is touched by you to eat a set, of course, squat warriors are not necessary, generally squat C position.
  • Consciousness of this thing, really very important for Mulan players, what to do on the order, guard the tower, take the line, limit the output of the opposite C position, as long as there is a person on the opposite side, you don’t go to the group, Black cut Before it comes out, your tower can’t fall, if it is a hundred miles, hide the second tower, until the black cut out, the early stage of the main support in the opposite red zone regiment, their own blue zone regiment, river regiment, other too far don’t go, there is no point.
  • Learn to read the map, I give an example, the middle lane is in the group, the opposite AD or mage is still on the road to clear the line, as long as the vision is exposed, then I will go directly to the grass at the junction of the red zone and the middle lane opposite to wait for him, to support is death. If the lower road is in a group, and the opposite middle road has just cleared the line and gives me a view, then I am already on the opposite side The grass is waiting for him, Mulan is like this, as long as you can squat, those C positions on the opposite side are very uncomfortable.If you like it, you will change it later, believe me, as long as you are willing to spend time practicing, you will definitely be able to play well.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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