Honor of Kings – All Free Stuff Guide (Heroes, Events and More)

This guide lists all available free in-game stuff that you can earn easy.

Guide to All Free In-Game Stuff

Free Heroes

  • Lam
  • Alessio
  • Lian Po
  • Hou Yi
  • Angela
  • Da Qiao
  • Lady Sun
  • Milady
  • Biron
  • Dolia
  • Li Bai, Athena, Sun Bin, Arli, Yaria, Liu Shan can be drawn from gacha.
  • Nakoruru is not available for non-new players.

Strongly recommend to take advantage of the Freebie Frenzy event, as this event has likely never been run before and does not seem like it will be run again in the future.

Current Events

  • Play 10/30/50 Games: 1000 Arcana Fragments, 2000 Starstone, S1-S2 Skin chest
  • Freebie Frenzy: acquire one free item per day.
  • Light Up Squares: Grants Da Qiao + skin.
  • Night Bazaar event: grants a hero selection chest.

Other Stuff

  • Ranked Road to Greatness: 5 Random Hero boxes, 2 Emotes, Luara S6 Skin, Epic skin box, etc.
  • Level Rewards: Heroes Lam, Alessio, Lian Po, Angela, Hou Yi, Milady, Biron, Dolia, Lady Sun, etc. Lady Sun skin, Lian Po skin.
  • Completion of all tutorials: Gain either Angela, Hou Yi, or Lian Po skin + starstone.

New Player Rewards: Epic skin for either Mozi, Lady Sun, or Prince of Lanling. Mozi’s skin is the only one that cannot be acquired from the Ranked Road to Greatness’s epic skin box.

Diamond Draw: Unlocks at Gold Rank. Pool does not change. Can draw heroes Li Bai, Yaria, Arli, Sun Bin, and Biron. Han Xin can be drawn using a King Crystal which usually appears around Luck 200 aka 200 draws or around 10800 diamonds.

Jade Draw: Unlocks at Platinum Rank. Pool does not change. Can draw hero Liu Shan and his skin.

Point Draw: Not recommended, since points generally cost tokens which cost money. Can draw Li Bai, Athena, and Princess Frost’s “Pop Star” skin.

Daily Gift: can be accessed by clicking on the lower left diamond on the home screen. Grants a small number of arcana fragments, starstone, and diamonds.

New Player 7 day thing, self explanatory.

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  1. As a new player this was great info, thx!

    Also wanted to add theres a “Night Baazar” event where u get 200 points daily & can redeem a hero selection chest for 2000 point (1 time).
    It doesnt say in description but when you open you choose between: Lu Bu, Luban & some more (forgot).
    Dont do the same mistake as me, I choose Lu Bu from Freebie and had to pick 5 hero fragment instead of a free hero from this chest

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