Horse Life – Gargoyle Genetics Guide

Gargoyle Genetics

Horn Traits

Note: The in-game icon for this category is a horn, but the category includes most gargoyle traits at this point! A gargoyle can have multiple of these traits at once.

Draconic Horns

Ram Horns

Swooped Horns

Tall Horns

Forward Horns

Curled Beard

Slate Face Armor

Swirl Rock Face

Swirl Rock Limbs

Slate Limb Guards

Curled Chest Fur

Swirl Rock Back

Slate Body Armor

Curled Ankle Fur

Oversized Ankle Fur

Swirl Rock Ankles

Slate Hoof Covers

(Blue trait icon, may be rare).


Chopped Mane

G Long Mane


Note: Patterns fall into two categories for gargoyles, which I’ve called ‘spot’ and ‘paint’ based on how their icons look. Each gargoyle can now be bred to have as many patterns as you want, instead of only 2 at once!

Spot Patterns

Chest Cracking

Side Pebbles

Body Swirls

Side Stones

Paint Patterns

Head Moss

Top Body Moss

Back Moss

Leg Moss


Chopped Tail

Long Droop Tail

Sleek Tail

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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