Horse Life – Bosses Guide (+ Drop List)

Boss Information

Bosses Spawn at the top of the hour every hour; so usually it is at :00, but keep in mind timezones can be funky!

  • A statue will appear at :00, and you will have to find it. Once it is found, you donate either a horse OR 100 coins to it in order to participate. You can donate as much as you like to get your luck % up. There is a 5 minute timer to find it.
  • Horses of any kind give 2% luck, and 100 coins gives 0.30% Luck
  • Once the timer goes off, the boss fight begins. If you did not donate you cannot participate. Use your lassos to bring the boss’s HP down and try to avoid attacks, as it breaks the lassos if you are hit.
  • Any Lassos work for bosses.
  • You cannot fly during a boss fight.

Once the Boss is Defeated

It will drop loot. Most of these look like apples, these are your prizes! Go collect all of them.

If you get a notification you got a new horse after the boss fight ends, keep it! That means it may have a special passive or new glow mutation.

Prize Pool


  • Woven Lasso x10


  • Oat Muffin x5


  • Pansies x5


  • Basic Feed x5


  • Western Lasso x2
  • Peppermint x5
  • Sugar Muffin x5


  • Random Equipment x1


  • Vibrant Lasso x10
  • Good Feed x5


  • Mint Muffin x5


  • Strawberry x5
  • Random Foal x1


  • Magical Lasso x5
  • Premium Feed x5
  • Peach x5


  • Random Flair x1,
  • Carrot Muffin x5,
  • Wing Upgrade Potion x1


  • Trait Boost Potion x1


  • Instant Foal Potion x2
  • White Peach x5
  • Apple Muffin x5


  • Overgrown Lasso x5
  • Master Lasso x5
  • Exclusive Feed x5


  • Random Palette x1

I hope you found this useful!

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