Idle Bouncer – Game Formulas

Formulas of game mechanics, to help people plan their game and theory-craft.

Meta Energy

Total Meta Energy (activated + unclaimed) = log(All Time Total Energy) - 15

Meta Energy Upgrades

All formulas depend on the level L of the upgrades.

UpgradeEffectNext Level Cost
Auto-capacity extender10% * 1.1^L1.1^L
Bounce2^L2 * 2^L
Density2^L4 * 1.27^L
Gravity1.1^L5 * 1.27^L
Bubble probabilityL%5 * 2^L
Bubble initial capacity2^L10 * 1.17^L
Idle bonus multiplier1.5^L2 * 1.18^L
Idle multiplier growth timeL+14 * 1.05^L
Energy generator1.07^L

I have yet to figure out a good formula for Energy generator effect. If anyone has data on this, let me know.

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