Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – Guide to Modron Core and Speed

Explanation of Modron Core and Speed

What Is the Modron Core?

Once you have two champions in every slot, you can do the Split the Party mission to unlock a Modron Core and a background party.  Don’t worry about gem farming until you get your Modron Core.

Once you get your Modron Core, you will get some component chests to open.  You get a new modron component chest every time your core goes up a level.  You can buy one modron chest from each patron you have unlocked each week.

These chests will have pipes in them.  You put your pipes in the Modron Core to unlock power ups (gold find, health, damage, increased game speed) as well as automation.  The improved gold find will be extremely useful when first starting out on a new campaign or event or time gate.  The power is like having a free support champion (and, when maxed, it’s like having a free Avren) in your formation at all times.  A good modron core is very important for some of the harder variants.

What Are the Different Cores?

The modest core is great for power.  The strong core isn’t something you should prioritize unlocking — it’s similar to the modest core.  The speed core is unlocked when you do Split the Party 2 (which is easier than Split the Party 1 since you can use your Modest Core), which requires 3 champions per slot.  The speed core has one speed node at level 5, one at level 10 (this one is good), and one at level 15.

How to Connect the Pipes?

In the pipe game, you start out with 1 flow.  A pipe with two outputs will give each output half of its flow (so, 1 will become 0.5).  A pipe with 2 inputs will get a big bonus.  Most non-common pipes also give a percent bonus to the flow. There are also some pipes built into the core itself that give a +100% bonus.  You ideally will want to give 4 flow to each output that you hook up to. 

It’s okay if you can’t hook up to every output (especially outputs that don’t benefit your DPS like Str/Con/Dex if you’re using Ash).  It can be complicated to figure it out at first, but it makes a lot more sense once you’ve played around with it a bit.  At the start, you probably won’t have enough good pipes to hook up much of anything, which is why getting modron chests from patrons every week is important.

What Is Modron Automation and How Does It Help Gem Farming?

Modron core makes gem farming possible because of automation.  It lets you select a saved formation, choose specializations for the champions in that formation, and then it will automatically reset when you get to a level that you specify.  You can also use potions, but don’t worry about that at the start.  Modron Core won’t level up your champions for you automatically, so you need familiars in your formation to do that.  If you script, you only need three familiars for the field to click. 

If you don’t script, you’ll need 3-5 familiars on the field to click, 1 familiar on click damage, and one familiar on any champion you want to use.

What Should I Do with My Foreground Party vs My Background Party?

When your computer is on, your foreground party is the only party that will benefit from speed champions. That means, most of the time, your foreground party will be a speed party for gem farming, and your background party will be pushing an event, a patron challenge, or a variant.  Or farming Zorbu stacks.

The reason you shouldn’t worry about gem farming before you get Modron Core is because Modron Core makes such a huge difference.  Before Modron Core, you probably won’t get more than 200 gems per hour — and that’s if you’re playing pretty actively.  After Modron Core, you can get 400 gems per hour while you’re asleep, and over time that will go up to thousands of gems per hour.

How to Do a Gem Farm?

When gem farming, you probably want to use Mad Wizard (until very late game when you switch to Cursed Farmer) because it has portal levels with faster spawns. The portals are in the first 30 levels, so your reset level should be the highest 30 (or 80) below your click wall.  For instance, if you have e20 favor, your click wall is 20*7.6=152.  The highest 30 under your click wall is 130, so reset at 130.  Resetting at a higher level is advantageous because you’ll take advantage of Shandie’s dash for longer.

How to Level up My Modron Core?

Your modron core will gain one experience point per level completed using that core.

Are Background Teams in Your Modron Core Buggy?

Yes.  It works pretty well for me, but a lot of folks have complained about it.  I haven’t seen any workarounds or specific things to do to make it less buggy.

Is Shandie a Bad Speed Champion Because She’s the Same Slot as Ash?

Nope!  If you’re using your Modron Core to farm gems, your clicks will deal all of the damage, so you don’t need champions to do damage, which means Shandie isn’t competing against Asharra.

And, if you’re pushing a variant or otherwise aren’t gem farming, Shandie is still a great speed champion!  What you do is start out with all of your speed champions in the formation.  That will get you to your wall faster.  Then, when you can’t get further, swap to your pushing formation, which might not have any speed champions in it.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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