Idling to Rule the Gods (ITRTG) – UBv2s: Overview / Farming

Small guide to reach more people, easening the pain of farming GP.

Not Beating Around the Bush

Welcome to yet another horrible guide. You know me by now. Right?

Anyway, this is just a really small essay regarding UBv2s.

UBv2s are one of the main sources of GP income, starting at the end of early game, opening up during the majority of the game (P.Baal climbs, getting more Pets, doing rewarding Challenges like the UAC \o/), while still retaining a nice aspect of GP income during long, late game Challenges/rebirths, to squeeze a few more GP and % out of the game.

The first requirement is defeating all of the UBs (Ultimate Beings), which are unlocked via the Planet Tab. Creating your first Planet unlocks the Tab (you have to click on a cool button after you created it, after clicking on its Tab). The Tab’s UI symbol is a Planet. Probably Earth. Kinda hard to not find it so I will not post a screenshot of how it looks ok?

Moving on.

After doing this, you will have a Level 0 Planet unlocked, very useless. Powersurge won’t do ♥♥ until you are much further in the game, but I guess it’s there. But…You want more. So you create an Earthlike Planet, click, create a Sun, click, create a Solar System, click, create a Galaxy, click, create an Universe, click. And look at that. Starting at Level 1, including up to Level 5, you will see some weird names and an option to fight them. Basically, have enough Clones, kill them as you see fit, enjoy some higher, temporary stats, gain some Energy from them when you have the factory unlocked…

But it no matter. Hulk hungry for GP. GP bad. hUlK stAArVe.

So you keep pushing and finally kill ITRTG, the last UB. Wait…

What is that?

Each kill of it gives one GP guaranteed? Astounding right? Time to farm the ♥♥ out of…wait…it’s respawn timer is 5 hours…damn. Horrible.

That’s where UBv2s come in. And you just happen to be eligible to go after them, after defeating ITRTG, as you are probably feeling extremely underwhelmed by your net-gain GP in semi-long rebirths, up to this point.

Frankly, GP gains are horrible up until now. But behold. UBv2s are here to save the day.

Because hUlK huNGrY.

UBv2s – Prerequisites Continuum

Hulk has finally seen the light of Divinity. UBv2s are the way to stuff its mouth with little nuclear god-generators, now available in bulk-size too, ranging from 10-50.

A few requirements first, but since you killed ITRTG, you probably have most of them already under your belt.

To kill the first UBv2, you need around 400k clones, so you don’t actually just shoot yourself in the foot with how slow your Might Physical Attack+ training progresses. Plus, having too few clones will be problematic to kill UBv2s without them regenerating, essentially annoying you, over time. They recover 1% hp per minute or so. Details, but not necessary to know. Just take them out.

The next UBv2 is a bit of a higher jump. You see, much like the regular UBs, they power up. Since you are essentially fighting them in some weird RTS/tRPG mode, you will want to have a good amount of stats to finish them off quickly, so you can incorporate them into Might runs, or even speed runs without unlocking Might.

As a guideline, the 2nd UBv2 requires 800k-1m clones, the next around 1.2-1.5m clones, the 4th 1.5m+ and the last…well, we’ll come to that later. Because I haven’t beaten him yet, since he’s just a waste of time without ridiculous stats at hand. The problem is one of the mechanics to make UBv2s even vulnerable.

To fight UBv2s, you need: Evil Creations.

They take as much time as their normal counterpart to build, but drain your Creating stat by x5 the amount it’s normal counterpart would give you said stat. This is problematic, since Creating is the best (and mandatory) attacking stat in the game for early game, so always prepare first, and be ready to use up your Creating at the end of your rebirth for Evil Creations, beating as many Gods as you can before that. Later on, Creating isn’t obsolete, but Physical and Mystic become much more powerful due to easy spam of their Monument Upgrades. Before you are at that point though, Creating is valuable. So prepare your Creations beforehand.

To get Creating, you have to create things. Higher creations award more in the same time it would take you to create a lower creation. Basically, once you have a Divinity Generator, keep creating, at the very least, Forests to boost Divinity early on. Later in the game, you can always create Towns/Oceans so you don’t hurt your Divinity gain too much, but keep track of if you lose Divinity over time.

In doing so, you will be wasting getting a much higher Creating stat, because no Divinity =

No Village/Town/Nation/etc. to create due to the aforementioned lack =

Loss of Creating =

loss of the ability to kill more UBv2s in a shorter timespan.

If you lack Divinity for Auto-Buy, the game will try to create the stuff itself. And Water, Air, Stone, Light…all that barely adds any significant amount to the Creating stat, so watch out for that.

Stick with Forests/Villages if you don’t wanna micromanage or you know you aren’t that far in the game to easily create 0/40/40++ Div Generator to be able to supply Towns/Oceans for days. Battle Crystal increases Divinity gain from Divinity Generator btw. So…

Create Physical and Battle Crystals. If you have only 2 slots, swap them out for Ultimate/Creation Crystals when you start creating the normal creations. Making use of additional CC (Creation Count) drastically cuts down your Divinity used, making you fight UBv2s way faster, in the early game. In general, always create stuff in bulks. Industrialism is omnipresent.

Tl;dr: Depending on your stats, reaching the first 2, 3 or even 4 UBv2s is a breeze. Creating stat is necessary to tackle them. Don’t overdo it, prolonging runs for multiple hours hurts your GP. Killing the first 2 UBv2s in 2 hours is much more efficient than killing the first 3 in 4-5 hours, for example. Suns need a lot more Divinity to build, drain much more Creating due to a much higher time it takes, and you will probably need another batch of 12 to kill it, prior to the last.

So gauge your time well. You still get a good amount of GP killing normal gods as well, don’t forget that.

Ready to Kill

To kill an UBv2, you need Evil Creations. These drain your Creating stat. Now, if you could make them in a batch, that wouldn’t be so hard huh? Well. There’s a slight issue. Actually 2, but one is tied to the Creating stat.

CC linearly increases the amount of Creating you get. So it’s a hell of a stat to increase Creating.

The catch is, you can only create one Evil Creation at a time. It doesn’t matter if you have a CC of 100 or over 9000. The Divinity gain/loss is a set value, modified by your current multipliers, as if you would be creating just 1 of the normal Creation.

So how do you improve this? Creation Count mostly, creating higher creations in huge bulks, to increase Creating at hand. But…

To significantly reduce times to kill UBv2s, you will have to invest more than just the bare minimum into Creation Speed. You probably have been reading that you should buy like 4, 5k% and leave it at that.

Scratch that. Once you are at the point of killing the first 3 UBv2s, or even more important, the first 4, CS is the only thing standing between you and drastically decreasing your time. UBv2s are the best renewable source of GP for a long, long time in ItrtG. The thing is, they can only be killed once each rebirth, but depending on your approach/stats, you can kill them in a flash or take ages to even defeat 1 or 2.

So do me and yourself a favor. Invest roughly another 1k GP into CS, once you think God Above All v2 is doable in 3, 4 hours, hitting your CS around 8-10k %. You will also learn to treasure it doing NDC, BHCs,, 1h10-15m UUC runs, any Reset Multi Challenge, etc. I guarantee you that. Creating Speed helps. Back to the main topic…

It’s really simple how to kill these v2 freaks. Create Planets/Earthlike Planets/Suns/Solar Systems/Galaxies and turn them into Evil Creations. Be aware you will also need a few normal Creations to do a specific “loop” reliably, which is a fast way to dispose any UBv2. The advantage of these loops:

You will only sustain one attack from the UBv2, if the UBv2 even attacks you at all.

Plus, they focus on a high damage output as well. Which is also affected by something else.

Depending on your Physical Might+ Skill, you will increase the damage you deal to your opposing adversary. If you don’t unlock Might, you’ll be at 100%. Mystic Defense+ can be used to decrease your Clone loss, but the modifier is so low that there barely ever is a point to do so, unless you need a few % to kill an UBv2 without losing all your clones, over multiple fights (or just one, but that’s not recommended due to clone loss).


BORING! Hulk hungry. Hulk demand lOOp.

Copy-paste this loop into a note or whatever: U R T U F I F I R U W I E I V I R U T I W I E I V V

These are the keybindings to your “Even you can kill UBv2s with this simple trick”-loop. I don’t take credit for it. I blatantly copied it from the Wiki half a year ago.

It essentially uses 8 Evil Creations, and 4 normal ones. So each loop requires 8+4 = 12. Arithmetic is a handy skill.

Before you start, prepare Creations/Evil Creations and start chipping away, just typing these keys once inside the fight. Then, when you done, press Flee or throw another V (Ionioi Hero Summon, your best attack) at the UBv2, or a Big Bang if you don’t have enough Energy left, if you really need that extra damage. Note the UBv2 will probably attack you and chip some clones off of you if you decide to do that. You will also not hurt it a lot due to how the loop works.

Be vary. UBv2s can heal at low health, inside of the fight.

Before you head into each fight, save your game in case you make a mistake or you didn’t deal enough damage. Savescumming is nice and I am not ashamed at all. Saves time if you mess up. Clones take time to rebuild.

Now I might hear you say “but Count Grustula, almightiest Yeerizard, bringer of Flame and Doom, I don’t have any numbers to go on with!” Son, y u no figure urself?

Whelp fine I help you out this once.

How Much Physical Might+ for XyZ and Why Am I On This Earthlike-Planet.

Keep in mind, these are rough estimates from my experience. Ionioi Hero Summon gets stronger the more P.Baals you climb, not just in the UBv2 tab but also in Special fights, where you can spam the ♥♥ out of it to one-hit kill Cthulhu or Jacky Lee, using a few buffs prior to casting it for huge Divinity gains in a short time. Leaving this as a side note…

The amount of clones you have at hand, is going to be merely cosmetic with enough stats.

Starting around 2m clones, you could potentially defeat any UBv2 without major issues or focusing heavily on Physical Attack+, due to your CC probably being high enough to recover half or even more of your clones in less than 10 minutes to deal 1, 2 more final blows.

The only issue that will arise will be the lack of Creating, so it’s not always a smart idea to push for God Above All v2, and definitely not for ITRTG v2, if you can’t train your Physical Attack+ sufficiently during the 1, 2 hours you will have Might unlocked.

As a rule of thumb, aim for 2-3 hours runs, which aren’t 100% optimal but easy to manage. Only go for 4-5 hours when you know you can kill God Above All v2 as well.

It needs to be said that 4 hours are a waste of time, don’t let anyone fool you, 5 hours even more so. But at least you won’t get bored or be driven insane by spamming that rebirth button to hit the same stuff over and over and over and over.


All estimations are done with keeping in mind you killed around P.Baal 25-30.

Which is not a difficult achievement btw. The higher you climb, the stronger Ionioi Hero Summon gets. It will also use up more energy. At some point, you won’t be able to do 3 Ionioi Hero Summons in a single loop. So, you will have to use a modified loop which I will blatantly copy as well:

  • U U R T I F I F I R U W I E I V I R U T I W I E I V V

Starting around P.Baal 80 defeated, this will be your standard loop.

Planet Eater v2

Physical Might+ : None required. Preferably ~100 to murder in 2 loops. Clones: 300-400k minimum.

Reward: 10 GP, x2 to your Planet Multiplier.

Having anything over roughly 90 Physical Attack+ and a P.Baal of 25-30 or higher defeated lets you beat it in 2 loops, utilizing 1,2 more Ionioi Hero Summons. You can kill it with even 300, 400k clones easily and much less Physical Attack+, since it doesn’t deal much damage and even if you have to take 3 shots at it, you have plenty of time to recover a few clones and take it out. No reason to train Mystical Defense+.

Godly Tribunal v2

Physical Attack+ : At least 100 to murder in 3 loops. Clones: 800k minimum.

Reward: 20 GP, x3 to your Planet Multiplier.

Godly Tribunal deals a lot more damage than its predecessor (200k clone damage is normal, 100-500k is possible). Starting around this guy, not having enough clones will make this difficult, especially if your Physical Attack+ is much lower than 100, say 70, 80, which may will make you have to tackle it 4 times. Stat-wise, it’s a hurdle for an early-game player but easily beatable after farming a few thousand GP.

Living Sun v2

Physical Attack+ : ~150 to murder in 3 loops : Clones: 1.2m to make it bearable.

Reward: 30 GP, x4 to your Planet Multiplier.

Starting at Living Sun, the damage starts to significantly reduce your clones to ashes (+/- 300k per attack)…although, not sure if a shadow can leave behind ashes. Anyway, having around 150 Physical Might+ and 1.2m clones should get rid of it in 3 loops. Having around 250 Physical Attack+ can get it done in 2 fights, although that will take a good while and isn’t worth it usually, since it will take a good amount of time for anyone not sporting high enough stats. Stick to a three-punch-man, unless you definitely want to go for God Above All v2 as well.

God Above All v2

Physical Attack+ : ~180-190 to kill in 4 loops. Around 250 for 3 loops. Clones: 2m or more.

Reward: 40 GP, x5 to your Planet Multiplier.

God Above All has the nasty habit of eating modified Solar Systems, which take a good amount of Divinity to build and even more Creating stat to make 32 (or 24) Trap Systems out of it. With enough Creation Speed, around 10k%, and some Creation/Ultimate Crystals, you can bring the time down to around 30-40 seconds. At that point, providing you have enough Creating at hand, you will take around 30-40 minutes to make 32 copies of it, 24-30 minutes for 24 copies.

So he’s a bit of a time investment. In case you do have enough Divinity and CS, you also need to have a good amount of Physical Attack+. With around 2 million clones, all DRCs (Double Rebirth Challenges done) this will take you somewhere around 40-60 minutes alone. Managing a 4 hour run well might be enough to let you include it, but it’s far more likely to it will take you 5 hours or more. At this point, it’s usually a waste. With 3-4m clones and higher CC/CS/BS, a 4 hour run is easily manageable.

Best go for it the next day, during an over-night rebirth, if you wanna include it without high stats. It will probably take you a while building its components, but due to the 300% Creation Speed boost while taking a break, it won’t slow you down as much as it would normally. It hits hard, for around 400-500k clones, potentially more even. So plan ahead.

For reference: I defeated my first with around 1.8m clones, 4k% CS/45CC/15k% BS, over night, with 4 loops, Physical Attack+ being at around 180. A Divinity campaign I started gave me like 4 Quintillion Divinity over night, which was enough to to build 48 Solar Systems. Still took a good 1 hour, including other tasks, to prepare and kill it while getting ready for my next rebirth.

Now, I include it regularly in longer rebirths (more than doubled my stats). So it’s your choice if you think it’s worth the hassle with lower stats.


Physical Attack+ : ~400, you want to kill it in 3 loops tops in a 24 hour rebirth. Clones: 2m or more. 3m preferably.

Reward: 50 GP, x6 to your Planet Multiplier.

I haven’t defeated it yet, because I did not find the time or the nerve to include it in any of my ongoing Challenge runs. I made one attempt once, with my personal, aforementioned stats in the last paragraph of the God Above All v2 section.

The Creating drain was so heavy that I couldn’t manage to create more than 20 Fakeverses, even after running the game over night. Not to mention the huge Divinity loss, cut time that I could have used to work on my rebirth multipliers…lots of stuff.

It hits very hard without any real investment into Mystical Defense +, 800k clones roughly on normal attacks. UBv2s have special attacks and rng modifiers on their attacks too, so my statement might not hold up to your personal experience.

Now, if you kill it, you can fight the UBv4 in the sub-tab. But without really beefy pets and a few other endgame-things, no reason to even think about that. Don’t include this guy in shorter rebirths. He’s not manageable with mediocre stats.

The best thing you can do to significantly cut down the Creating requirement is putting all your clones in Physical Attack+ until you can defeat him in 2 loops. The Creation drain of Universes is real. He’s a true piece of work. Stay away mostly. Once you have high stats, you can include him in your over-night rebirths.


You can easily get 60-100 GP, an increased multiplier of x24/x120 easily making you reach 1 or 2 additional bosses depending on your base multiplier from Powersurge. Worth it, most of the time. At the very least, always try to make Planets/Earthlike Planets and kill the first 2 at the end of a rebirth, once you are comfortable and have enough clones (1m is enough).

ITRTG v2 is a stat wall, if nothing less. While additional 50 GP sound extremely appealing, It’s not that easy to throw him down. Once you can, he pays pretty well.

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