The Hunter: Call of the Wild – All Outpost Locations

Maps and outpost locations of all reserves. Including Mississippi Acres Preserve!

All Locations of Outposts

Mississippi Acres Preserve

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Rancho del Arroyo

Te Awaroa National Park

Silver Ridge Peaks

Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve

Yukon Valley Nature Reserve

Parque Fernando

Vurhonga Savanna

Medved-Taiga National Park

Layton Lake District

Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve


  1. I have recently been experiencing lag spikes as I’m claiming a outpost are you guys having this problem to?

  2. You’re missing an outpost on Rancho del Arroyo. It is in the far southeastern corner of the map, and you have to discovering by exploration; it does not show up from a watch tower.

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