In Stars And Time – Battle Tips

Tips for Battles

Both you and your enemy’s Attack Gauge fill up automatically when no one is attacking. When your Attack Gauge is full, it’s your turn! The faster your Attack Speed is, the faster your Attack Gauge will fill up.
Both you and your enemies are either Rock, Paper or Scissors type. Make sure to use attack types that are strong against an enemy’s type!

When a skill is used, it’ll go into Cooldown. You’ll have to wait a few turns to be able to use it again!

When anyone in your party uses a Rock, Paper or Scissors attack, the corresponding icon will be added to your Jackpot Points. When you do a combo and use the same attack type five times in a row, everyone will do a Jackpot Attack, dealing immense damage and healing everyone!

When someone’s HP falls to 0, they’ll be Knocked Out. When everyone is Knocked Out, it’s Game Over!

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