Infernax – Free Will Sacrifice Guide

This is the specific walkthrough I used to get Free Will Sacrifice is as follows (invincibility, inf jumps, inf mana, max gold, max xp).

How to Get Free Will Sacrifice (Complete Walkthrough)

First, I chose to help the Paimon villager. It’s +1 when you need -15, but it unlocks a +5 quest later on when you need it.

After that, I did the full main quest playthrough, so all five castles, no side quests or side events.

Then activated the Darsov quests, both guards and Josephine. You need the guard to give you the key to the barn.

Then go kill the monster in the barn, so when you leave, you can burn it for -2 evil. Don’t turn in the quest yet.

Go tell the hermit you’ll burn all the towns. Then burn all the towns, for another -6 (-2×3 for the towns) and -5 (for telling the Hermit yes).

Then go to the vagabond camp and accept the quest to destroy the holy book and then go do it for -3. This gets you +1 for the Paimon villager and -16 for net -15.

Then go to Arkos and get the password from Philippe in the Inn. Then go to the hideout and accept the Kill Hans quest. Talk to the cult leader and accept the Kill Jarvis quest.

Now you’ve done everything you need to do evil-wise. So everything else you do should be good. Go kill Josephine’s skeleton. Kill the bandit, spare Hans, turn in the Darsov quests.

Do the dream quest in Kastski, and slay Caroline’s slimy skeleton there also. Expel the Vagabonds, and donate to the poor.

Go tell the dude in Arkos that you will never break the dam and kill him. That should be enough that the Arkos guards will ask you to find Wilfred and go spy on the cult.

Go save Wilfred and then go back to the cult base. Talk to the leader, you’ll get credit for spying on the cult. Go turn those quests in.

Then kill Jarvis to formally join the cult.

Then go beat the game.

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