Lost Ark – Dreamwalker Flower Farm Route Guide

So in context, i needed a fast route for farming Dreamwalker Flowers and i couldn’t find any guide about where i could find Dreamwalker Flowers and farm them the fastest way possible. The guide was made for myself and i decided to share it to others.

Guide to Farm Dreamwalker Flower

What’s the point of this guide?

I created this guide because hp potions run out fast when you play guardian raids, abyssal dungeons and etc. The only way to get them is through the market which you buy with golden coins. The other way is to do some trade skills: forage.

You will need to run around the map and look for Dreamwalker Flowers.

From Dreamwalker Flowers you will get wild flower materials by rarity which you can use for crafting the potions.

East Luterra | Blackrose Chapel | Triport: Church Interior

One of the locations where i found a lot of Dreamwalker Flowers was in area called Blackrose Chapel:

Below you will see the image how I am foraging Dreamwalker Flowers:

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