Inside Jennifer – How to Get “He Who Lives By The Sword” The Right Way

This guide describes the way to get the “He who lives by the sword” achievement and bringing back a part of the story that has been inaccessible for some time.


I can confirm that 54 out of the 56 achievements work fine (without cheating). The “Got a black belt in timelines” and “He who lives by the sword” do not work.

There is an error in the game that prevents it from getting to a certain decision point. After some digging in the game files, I was able to correct the error.

How to Correct the Game

  • Open the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Inside Jennifer – Season 1\game”.
  • Locate the files “story.rpy” and “story.rpyc”. Copy those file to a backup folder.
  • Open the “story.rpy” file (I use notepad++) and search for “label d5_home_ignore” (without “), should be line 17587.
  • Scroll 23/24 lines down to “jump d6_morning_mark” (line 17610).
  • This line makes the game jump a lot of content from day 5 and prevents from reaching a decision point where you can face Jimmy.
  • So add an # before so it looks like “#jump d6_morning_mark”.
  • Save the file.
  • Go back to the folder and delete the file “story.rpyc”, as it will be recompiled when the game starts again.
  • If you have played the game after starting your PC and before this correction then restart it.
  • Run the game and check if the file “story.rpyc” was created.

Steps to Get the Achievement

After this, I did the following steps to get the achievement:

  • Let Mark Pay
  • Wait for Mark
  • Go to Central Park
  • Take a peek
  • Take a cab
  • Remain silent
  • Ride the subway
  • Bend over
  • Stick around
  • Take another peek
  • Call Mark
  • Call Tim
  • Deny her
  • Cool down
  • Enter
  • Stay quiet
  • Invite Paul
  • Agree
  • Face Jimmy

The End

You will get the achievement at this point and can finish the story as you see fit.

Close the game, restore the files you have backed up, restart PC and the game will be as the developer left it.

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  1. Your directions work, but between “Agree” and “Face Jimmy”, might want to specify to ignore ignore Jimmy. other than that, well done and thank you for the assist.

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