Intense Love Shot – Achievement Tips & Tricks

Some quick tips to help get the 100% completion faster.

Tips and Tricks


Welcome to the tips & tricks guide for Intense Love Shot.

All of the achievements are basically self-explanatory so instead of giving a full fleshed out guide on how to get all the achievements; This guide is to help get them quicker. Honestly this guide probably isn’t really needed but as long as it helps someone then I feel like it was worth it.

Following these tips, you should be able to complete the game in about 2-3 hours depending on how often you alt-tab to randomly browse the internet like I do.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use an auto-clicker (This is the biggest tip you should take into consideration).
  • Only level up your attack skill if you’re using the auto-clicker.
  • Avoid leveling any of the girls abilities until you have Max Attack.
  • Sora has the best ability to get out of tight spots and finish levels quicker (the tornado icon).
  • Replay the last level (5-5) until you buy out the shop and MAX out all affinity.
  • It takes 20 Golden Rings to level an affinity from 0% to 100%.
  • Once you have everything unlocked (other than 5k enemies achievement), start leveling up your MANA skill to help the last achievement.
  • Your last achievement should be to kill 5,000 enemies. When you only have this achievement left, keep replaying level 3-5. Level 3-5 only has 1 wave and can be finished quickly. It has 50+ enemies. You might think 5-5 is the best choice and it could be when there are 100 enemies on that level but they come in waves and you have to sit through the credits after too. So stick with 3-5 since it can be done faster and keep replaying it until you have the 5,000 enemies achievement.

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