A Little to the Left – Easter Egg and Vase Puzzle Solution

In the adorable puzzle game A Little to the Left, you must stack, sort, and arrange everyday objects into attractive configurations while on the lookout for a naughty cat with a penchant for mayhem.

Warning! This guide contain spoilers.

Easter Egg and Vase Puzzle

  • Solution 1: Set them by egg color and vase to match and build a rainbow.
  • Solution 2: Set the vases from tallest base to thinnest and do the same for the amount of color on eggs.
  • Solution 3: match the shapes of the eggs decoration with the vases, + arrange them from least to most wavy.

Also you have to arrange them from least wavy to waviest in solution 3. Ultimately, each solution has two parts: arranging the bases, and then arranging the eggs.

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