Isles of Sea and Sky – Puzzle Tips and Solutions

This guide contain some spoilers. So read on ypur own risk. The guide will help if you get stuck.

How to Solve Puzzles

Dragonfly Puzzle

  • Hint 1: What else in the game is a 5×5 grid?
  • Hint 2: Why do the dragonflies move like that the first time you rescue them?


Move each colored block to the starting corner of each colored dragonfly from outside the grid. Then move the blocks the same direction the dragonflies moved and ended up, I started with yellow. If you do it correctly then the solution happens immediately after you move the last block. If it didn’t happen, then you moved the blocks wrong somehow and try again.

Ice mountain tip

Just check on map that you’ve visited all birds. I’ve missed some of them during my walkthrough, and therefore I’ve skipped useful equipment. If you’ve visited a bird, the map will show a purple arrow for it.

For me, ice mountains was the easier island, and water is most hard.

Tidal reef tip (blue blocks problem)

  • The Key to the blue blocks is in C0.
  • It takes only the two blue boxes in the lower left to get it.
  • You can push a box off spikes without dying.

Music notes on stoney cliffs island

You will get all notes in one visit.

Snakes on top of the screen will shine if this screen have secret. Just walk around some more.

Video guide

Sunkern island puzzle tip

Transform water elemental to stone box to break the other.

How to Get Air Crystal in Sanctum

To get the air crystal in the sanctum, you need to do the following:

First, use the snowball to free the fire spirit. Push the water spirit up and then the snowball down. Next, take the water spirit out of the ice and push the snowball to the left. Finally, push the snowball up to the air spirit to create a snow floor on the third line in the bottom-right ice pool.

After that, use the snow floor to push the earth spirit and the water-transformed earth spirit upward. The rest is easy.

If you can’t unlock the fire spirit, there’s another way. Use only the water spirit to reach the air spirit from above, while keeping the arrow block near the air and fire spirits locked.

Frozen Spire Warp Map

Click to enlarge…

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