WARNO – How to Beat the Fulda Gap Campaign

Combat Tips for The Fulda Gap Campaign

This has been my strategy, which has worked out fairly successfully.

To tackle enemy tanks I use the smoke to cheese the enemy. The see this as cover which they try to use. Not only does this tunnel them where I want them to go, but also nullifies their advantages from the bastions and atgm spam. For each smoke blob I try to use 2 acavs and two bradleys to ensure I can pull units out when necessary.

For the urban areas I use the AT4 lads as much as possible, when deployed further back in the town the enemy AI tends to just waltz into them. They will eventually try to deploy infantry to push you out, for this I recommend either arty spam or the engineers. Just make sure to stay mobile in the towns, moving block after each engagement and that you have supply hidden in the forests at the back so you can resupply the AT4s as they run out fast.

To gain an advantage in points I push through the forest to the far right as soon as my infantry CV arrives. Everytime I’ve done this so far there has been nothing there and they tend to be too focused on pushing through the smoke to reinforce this. But be wary and pull back if necessary. You should start to attack with tanks once you feel you have a surplus of them and the enemy has mostly run out of atgms, just make sure to replenish your smoke and have pivads nearby for the spotting.

RE: Enemy air. I don’t feel you have the resources to try and fight this. So instead I use two Pivads to spot the aircraft, then smoke asap everytime the go after me. Having supply vehicles right next to most of my tanks makes this easier but its really a challenge. Eventually if you get a surplus in points you can blob a bunch of stingers near to your own tank blobs but wait as long as possible, you’ll need the points for more tanks.

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