Jet Set Radio – JSR Jet Rank Flowchart

A flowchart to help get jet rank on most of the levels in Jet Set Radio! Might not apply to the final boss, but this general advice should help you consistently jet rank rather than getting turbo and Nitro through normal play.


Below is a flowchart that details a general methodology to follow when trying to get jet ranks in JSR.

The intention of this guide is not to break down every specific level but to give a methodology you can use to form your own routes and strategies. Not all trick loops have to be infinite but just long enough to get good chains off of them.

Notes and Tips

Some of the later Golden Rhino levels are so large that tricklooping for a long amount of time is not reasonable. Instead, just do your best to find all the green tags and take the map one ‘area’ at a time whilst doing as many tricks as you can mixed in with efficient tagging. If footsoldiers are perma-spawned on a certain large or medium tag they can sometimes be kited away so that you can speed off toward the tag in question. Fight or Flight is one of the more difficult levels, requiring 70,000 pts and having several areas to cover, some of which aren’t very spraycan-rich.

This guide also assumes that you will take other basic gameplay aspects such as memorizing your tagging QTEs and the controls of the game itself.

If it’s your first time playing, it is reccomended that graffiti souls be mostly ignored while playing the story levels. This is because story levels are not repeatable once you beat them and return to garage. Levels like jet graffiti and jet tech are however, giving you a long cop-free time to explore the map and pick up souls you missed. Jet tech is the most forgiving mode for graffiti souls as it does not require you to ‘beat’ it to keep the souls you did find.

Above all: resist the temptation to give up a level and come back to it later. This will prolong the amount of times you need to replay the game to unlock characters.

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