Journey of Wrestling – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips and Tricks

Simulate Match

How does the Simulate Match determine a winner?

The simulator starts off with a popularity bias, then adds a 2x bias to champions and a 6x bias to unhappy superstars. Higher popularity superstars are more likely to win, as are champions and unhappy superstars.

If you’re using the Simulator, the style affects the calculation. Long-term has higher champion bias, 0.4x part timer bias, and a higher bias for lower ages. Bizarro has a lower champion bias, 2x part timer bias and a higher bias for higher ages.

Shocking Turns

Shocking Turns happen when a Main Eventer turns against someone in a Segment after a year or more of being Heel or Face. They create Holy Shit Moments and unlock Artifacts. You can check how long a Superstar has been a Heel/Face in Superstar Information.

Event-based Turns

Events such as a Face performing a post-match Cash-in on another Face or vice versa can cause turns.

Hot Matches

  • Minimum rating: 4 stars.
  • Higher rating increases chance.
  • Hype bonus increases chance (streaks bonus, event match bonus, match contract bonus, tournament final bonus, feuds hype bonus).
  • Hot participants increase chance.

Hot Segments

  • Minimum rating: 4 stars.
  • Higher rating increases chance.
  • Hype of attached feuds increase chance.
  • Hot participants increase chance.
  • Shocking turns increase chance, while turns made too soon decrease chance.

Hot Feuds

  • Stale feuds can’t get hot.
  • Minimum hype: 30.
  • Higher hype increases chance.
  • Hot participants increase chance.

Segment / Feud Requirements Help

  • Rivals: requires two or more previous feuds that have ended with a rating over 3.5.
  • Champion Coronation: requires the title to be won at the previous event.
  • Epic Brawl: requires one or more previous feuds that have ended.

Experiment Unlocking

Experiments are powerful versions of Artifacts used in the Wrestling on Mars scenario. If you complete the Wrestling on Mars scenario with a successful ending, you’ll unlock 3 experiments (Neural Control, Neural Control+ and Cyborg) for use in any game you play.

Future Workers

To add future workers to your training and indie roster, as well as a competitor’s training roster, just create a superstar as you would, and set when they should appear after the game starts. They will appear with the attributes you set, so if you set a future worker’s age to 18, they will be 18 years old when they appear.

Future workers appear at the specified time after the scenario starts, or a few months before or after. You can either set the months (e.g 6 ‘months’, ’empty’ years for 6 months) or the years (e.g 5 ‘years’, 0 ‘months’ for five years).

I hope you found this useful!

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