Journey of Wrestling – Passion of Wrestling Guide

Passion of Wrestling


Each of your four potential stars has a different requirement in order to feel confident about becoming the champion. This, in turn, will determine whether they succeed or fail at their goal.

Their dialog about becoming POW champion will change once they become confident enough.

  • Violet: Workrate Increase
  • Zora: Overness Increase
  • Natasha Ali: Popularity Increase
  • Lady Julia: Already Confident


The chance to get the successful ending depends on the number of stars you have made and the rating of your premier event. With all goals completed, you are sure to get the sponsors to sign.

The premier event will have a unique poster, a promo from Hank Hughes, predictions from the sponsors and, if you complete all the star goals, you’ll get the Femme Fatale match added to it.

If you get the successful ending, the Femme Fatale match will be added to all your current and future saves, and you’ll get a spot on the leaderboard!

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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