Jusant – 100% Achievements Guide & Collectible Locations

This is a guide to completing all achievements in Jusant, including locations of all collectibles.


In this guide, collectibles are organized in a suggested collection order. By interacting with the collectibles in this order, you’ll minimize the amount of backtracking needed to complete a chapter.

Starting a chapter from the menu will load the chapter from the beginning: there is no way to select a checkpoint within a chapter. This means, for example, you will need to play a full chapter to reach a missed collectible located at the end of a chapter. Given this, you may wish to follow this guide during your first playthrough. You can avoid spoilers for unplayed chapters by scrolling only as far as you need to in the guide.

If you have already completed the game, it can be difficult to tell which specific collectibles you may have missed in a chapter. For cairns, frescos, shells, and altars, this isn’t as important, because there are so few of these per chapter. For letters and Bianca’s journal entries, you can view the Extras menu to see which items are missing from your collection. Then, you can refer to this guide to learn the location of a specific letter or journal entry.

Non-Collectible Achievements

The following achievements you will receive through normal gameplay:

First contact
Read a letter.

An ear to the past
Listen to a shell.

First stone
Complete a cairn.

SussieEcho from the past
Activate a fresco.

Back in motion
Turn an altar.

Complete more than 200 jumps or double jumps in one game.

Fresh air
Restore your stamina more than 50 times while climbing.

Water piper
Complete the game.

The following achievements you should receive through normal gameplay, but with added notes on how to get them:

Adventure buddies
Hug the ballast.

Restored connection
Hug the ballast 20 times.

From chapter 2, you will be able to interact/hug your ballast. You can hug the ballast repeatedly to earn the second achievement: there is no cooldown.

Collective climb
Stop 25 pebbles with a single echo from the ballast.

Pebbles can be frozen in place for a few seconds by using your ballast’s echo on them, allowing you to climb them like regular rocks. Chapter 3 has many sections with enough pebbles to use your echo on and earn the achievement.

Scare more than 10 chocos back to their burrow.

A choco is an environment creature shown in the icon. They can be scared by walking near them. Generally, you will encounter more than enough chocos in a normal playthrough to get this achievement.

Angel’s carabiner
Place a piton at the top of a wall run.

A wall run occurs when, hanging alongside a wall, you swing from left to right and secure a secondary piton to travel along the wall. Wall runs are hinted at during the tutorial and chapter one by scratch marks embedded in the wall. You unlock the achievement when placing the secondary piton. You should get this during the tutorial or chapter one.

The following achievements contain spoilers for the final chapter:

A faint glimmer
Hold the ballast tight in the crater.

In chapter 6, your ballast will be cold and unable to echo far. Use your two climbing controls (e.g. left and right trigger) to squeeze your ballast.

Awakened memory
Use the echo on a frozen ballast in the crater.

In chapter 6, use your ballast’s echo on one of the frozen whale-like creatures in the tundra. You cannot use your echo on the ballast that you traveled on.

Collectible Achievements

The following achievements you will receive through collectible finding:

Cycle celebration
Turn all altars.

Antique gallery manager
Activate all frescos.

Final ascent
Read all of Bianca’s journal entries.

Sound archaeologist
Listen to all shells.

Avid reader
Read all letters.

Common ground
Complete all cairns.

Chapter 1: Collectible Locations


Chapter 2: Collectible Locations

Fresco 1

Cairn 4

Shell 2

Cairn 5

You will need to climb up to the platform above and right of the cairn and swing over to it. The easiest approach is to extend your rope enough to swing underneath and loop over it.

Letter 8

Letter 9

Letter 10

Letter 11

Letter 12

Altar 1

Bianca Letter 2

Cairn 6

Fresco 2

Shell 3

Letter 13

Fresco 3

This fresco is located behind the linear path in a small cave, which may be easy to miss.

Chapter 3: Collectible Locations

Letters in this chapter are not collected in the order that they appear in the Extras menu.

Bianca Letter 3

Cairn 8

Letter 15

Bianca Letter 4

Cairn 9

Letter 16

Fresco 4

Shell 4

Bianca Letter 5

Letter 17

Letter 18

Letter 19

Cairn 10

Letter 20

Altar 2

Cairn 11

Shell 5

Scale the rock wall towards a ledge on the right where the shell is located. You can also get the [Collective climb] achievement in this section.

Bianca Letter 6

Letter 22

Letter 21

Cairn 12

Fresco 5

Letter 23

Cairn 13

Letter 24

Cairn 14

Fresco 6

Bianca Letter 7

Letter 25

Shell 6

Letter 26

Letter 27

Bianca Letter 8

Chapter 4: Collectible Locations

Coming soon!

Chapter 5: Collectible Locations

Coming soon!

Chapter 6: Collectible Locations

Coming soon!


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  1. It’s worth noting that you don’t actually hug the ballast. Just spam interact – left dpad on controller.

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