Just Cause 3 – Easy 5 Stars for Wingsuit Challenge

5 Stars аor Wingsuit Challenge

For the most wingsuit flights i used the standard from the game. But some tracks were too fast for me to get 5 stars. Here is a trick to fly with the bavarium wingsuit and the rocket engine.

Start a new Game

Go to option, choose downloadable content.

Select standard wing-suit.

Back to game and open the mini map.

Make a fast trip to the starting point of the challenge.

Start this and then stop on the helicopter.

Go back to the menu and choose option.

Go back to the menu and choose downloadable content.

Now you can select the bavarium wingsuit.

It`s now possible to use the air brake and fly small turns.

The last 3 tours I have made with this trick.

If you failed you must do the steps again.

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