Kagura Survivors: Endless Night – Useful Tips

Tips for Newcomers

Upgrading weapons in the shop not only gives them pseudo evolutions when you upgrade them in a run, but also from what I can tell, makes them have better stats from the get go.

Invest in maxing the Katana and Headhunter in the shop early and aim for the Headhunter passive every run to keep getting that money for upgrades.

Pick three secondary weapons you really like and work on maxing those in the shop next. Make sure you take a look at the modifier tab to plan out which slots you want to get those weapons in for the augments you want. I personally prefer taking either Shikigami Frenzy or Incendiary Talisman in the Assassin/Warrior slots for increased damage, crit and range and Purification Aura in the Sentinel slot for knockback, area size and cooldown for its earlier levels.

Upgrade the skills you are guaranteed to get every run. Dash may seem kinda ♥ at first and you may only use it early on as a get away or a movement ability, but when you pump some shop upgrades into it, it quickly becomes one of the most reliable aoe heavy hitters and can mean the difference between getting overrun or making it out safely. Similarly your ultimate Thousand Cherry Blossom may seem like it has an extraordinarily long cooldown when you first unlock it, but like dash and the other weapons, pumping upgrade points into it heavily reduces the cooldown and increased the duration just a tiny bit, giving you the ability to get that breathing room you need to get some levels or get that treasure chest you just couldn’t approach yet that much quicker.

That being said, I don’t have everything maxed and unlocked, these are just some tips for you or anyone else who may need a starting point to get those run clears and start experimenting yourself. Good luck out there in the endless night fellow hunters!

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