Undead Horde 2: Necropolis – Endgame Gear Guide

Guide to optimal equipment crafting for endgame.


This guide assumes you are in world 2, or at least close to finishing the game once.

  • New equipment sucks?
  • Hate RNG?
  • You jelly?

If yes, be jelly no more! This guide will teach you how to 100% get all the abilities you want on any equipment!

Note: If you are looking for endgame builds to complement your shiny new endgame gear.


The first thing you need to do is deciding what abilities you want on your equipment. Then you will need to search the shop for items with those abilities. Just re-roll the shop a few times while searching.

More specifically, you should look for:

  1. BLUE items (only 1 line) with the ability you want.
  2. Or yellow / purple items with the EXACT abilities you want.
  3. Or yellow / purple items with the FIRST LINE ability you want (see Salvaging ability section)

Also they must be from the same category, a weapon can only inherit skills from any other weapon, skulls from other skulls and vice versa. You can put stun on a dagger, but you cant put doubled command cap on a weapon.

You will also need an item from each rarity tier, yellow > purple > red. These are solely used to upgrade the rarity of your item and can be from any item, while ignoring its abilities. E.g. You can use a yellow weapon to upgrade a blue book.

If you were lucky and found some yellow/purple items with exact abilities you want, you can skip some steps

For the purpose of this guide, I will use all blue items. The following 4 skills will be merged.

I highly suggest arranging your inventory in such a manner so that it appears sorted in the crafting menu.


The final item and first ability is the last item to be used, not too important on non-weapons, but for weapons, e.g. if you want a dagger, your final item must be a dagger. Lastly, you cant change the ability line on the weapon, so do take note.


Once you are done with your preparation, head over to the anvil and select the crafting screen.


The item rarity for this slot Must Be Blue. The item here will receive skills from secondary and it will also be your first ability line.


The skills on this item will be added to the item in primary.


The item here determines the final rarity of the item. It must always be one rarity higher than the item in secondary. Unless you are salvaging abilities, then refer to the salvaging ability section.

As mentioned in the preparation section, the finished type of item / salvageable skill you want must be the FINAL PRIMARY item, only add it when you are upgrading to red. If you are using them, certain rarer skills such as “Spawning rouge lich when minon dies” should be allocated last.

For this guide, assume Command cap +% to be the salvageable skill.

Step 1

If you are starting from yellow or purple rarity, skip to step 2 (yellow) or 3 (purple).

Slot any of the blue rarity items into primary and secondary except the target / salvageable item. Slot a yellow item into Power. You will get a yellow item with both skills.

Step 2

Slot a BLUE item into PRIMARY and the yellow item you just made into secondary, add any purple item into power.

Step 3

Add the final blue item into primary and the purple item you just made into secondary. Add any red item into power.

Now you have a red rarity item with all lines of abilities exactly what you want. If you truly want to min-max for whatever reason, the % amount increase is still RNG dependent. It isn’t a significant difference, merely gaining 1 or 2 levels and re-crafting will far outstrip the % increase, so there is really no reason to do it.

Comparison between a level 20 and 24 item.

Salvaging Abillities

This only works for the ability on the first line.

It sucks that you must have a blue item in the first primary slot right?

Sometimes the dice rolls against you and that damn merchant refuses to give you a blue item with the ability you want, you then notice that particular ability appearing on a yellow/purple item.

“Oh, if only I could turn that into a blue”

Well, you can.

Lets take this for example:

Place the item in primary, and then any blue item in both secondary and power. And voila!


How this works is, if you add the exact number of ability lines to the rarity you are upgrading to, you will only ever roll those abilities you just added.

  • Blue > 1
  • Yellow > 2
  • Purple > 3
  • Red > 4

Pretty simple once you understand how it works. Although for some reason, if primary item isn’t blue, it dosen’t work.

Hope you have fun fellow necromancers! Remember, we are legion.

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