Kakureza Library – Perfect Clear Achievement Guide

How to Get Perfect Clear Achievement

This is a guide for getting the Perfect Clear achievement, described as “True End w/ 36 points”. This is a very poorly localized game and I have encountered no guides for it anywhere online, so I wrote this in case it helps someone in the future.

In this game, you have a score that starts at 10, and all decisions you make lower or raise your score going down to 0, which gets you a Bad End, or up to 36, which is the maximum.

To get the True End, you also need to input the correct password on Day 21; you get different hints for this password by achieving a Normal End and selecting the different possible book fairs. There is no way to reach 36 points without also getting this password right, so the guide will tell you how to do both.

Here are the list of correct choices you need to make in order to get the achievement, next to each choice I also mention the score increase you get from it. Note that some choices may or may not appear depending on which book fair you chose.

Day 1

  • Loan “Kakureza History” (+1)

Day 2

  • Loan “Lapse Leader” (+1)

Day 3

  • Loan “Virtua Melody” (+1)

Day 4

  • Loan “Blue Puppy Adventure” (+1)

Day 5

  • Loan “Reading Cafes” (+1)

Day 6

  • Pick up petal (+1)
  • Try to loan “A & D’s Murder” (+1)

Day 7

  • Loan “Replying to Letters Like a Pro” (+1)

Day 8

  • Ask them to be quiet (+1)
  • Nice survey at the end of day (+1)

Day 9

  • First name: “Ren”, last name: “Hirata” (case-sensitive) (+1)
  • Loan “TRPG Dungeon City Official Rulebook” (+1)

Day 10

  • Don’t tell (+1)

Day 11

  • Loan “Mikoto History” (+2)

Day 12

  • Loan “Arithmusic” (+1)

Day 14

  • Choose “712.1 Su” (+1)

Day 15

  • ¥50 (+1)

Day 16

  • Loan “Hydrodynamics” OR
  • Loan “Woofwoof Meowmeow” (+2)

Day 18

  • Loan “3KH Player’s Guide” (+2)

Day 19

  • Loan “Top Eyecandy Cafe Menus” OR
  • Loan “Share My Lunch” (+1)

Day 20

  • Loan “COBOL Reference Book” (+1)
  • Remove bookmark

Day 21

  • Loan “Journal of Mechanical Engineering 203” (+1)
  • Password: “melody” (case-sensitive) (+1 at the end of day)

Day 22

  • Change from track number 1, raise volume (+1)

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