KEEK – Tips for Beginners

It is so annoying to get it. I recommend portioning it out. Anyways, this is my first guide ever, so bear with me.

How to Get a True Ending

For the “True Ending” of the game, you must beat all the levels whilst following two main imperatives.

  • Get all clock numbers. These are quite easy, never too hard.
  • Do not use a single checkpoint. This is the hard bit. If you touch it, you must restart lest you not get the true ending. There are some levels that hint you in on this fact, like the one you have to dash over the checkpoints.

After completing the levels and shining your time beam thingy (M2) on the key, you can challenge the boss. It is this TV dealio. You must complete the autoscroller twice. This is how you get one True Ending.

How to Get Achievement

So, you know how the previous section says “A true ending”? To get the achievement, you must complete 8 true endings. This is why you should portion it out. Each time, the game will provide a different message post boss. The final message is as follows.

Alright, you have been granted this tiny little achievement.

Only silence remains if you challenge again.

Then, you should have the achievement.

Tips and Funnies


  • Portion it out. In total I took around 9-10 minutes per run, so 80 minutes + random fails will be annoying. Don’t let the game break you.
  • The game is not listed as a game capable of giving achievements in your profile due to a lack of playerbase, soooo, take that as you will.
  • Try to beat the game as fast as possible, i only made it to ~9:30 but the record i think is 6 minutes plus extra. Helps with monotomy.


  • When I first hunted for the achievement, I thought it was 12 completions due to online message boards. At least you all will know the amount for certain. I am making this because noone else did. It is nice to have the certainty of another.
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