Hero’s Land – How to Train Your Tiamat Dragon

This guide is for people who wants to know, how to clear (or cheese) the Tiamat Dragon with 0 damage taken.

How to Actually Clear Tiamat the Chaos Dragon

Let me start out by saying, that this dungeon boss is not considered “Hard” by any stretch of the imagination, but i also believe that a lot of newer players feel intimidated by it (as it’s usually their first dungeon boss adversary) or simply dont know how to clear it.

Weapon Recommendations:

The boss is weak to Physical damage because it has a total of 0 physical resistance! How do i know this? By ctrl + right clicking the boss, a little window pops up with the stats of the boss. Yes, yes…chances are i just blew your mind with that info. It’s not a well known feature if you are not a part of the “Invested” group of players in the community, and it doesent help that this feature also is NOT included in the tutorial.

Therefore it is recommended to use a physical damage dealing weapon Duh!

Lucky for you, the starter bone daggers can do just fine against the boss in spite of its common/white rarity. For those who are more advanced the weapon called Lumberjack Claw can do even better because of its unique on-use ability on a low cooldown. This weapon can easily crit the boss for a 1.8k – 2.3k pr hit.

Gear Recommendations:

Now that we have established what element to use against the boss, what gear would i then recommend you wear? If you are new/lesser experienced player i would recommend the lightbringer set, as it’s an easy set to gather and most likely the first set a player would aquire in their time playing. It also helps that it has a flat 20% less damage taken from bosses and monsters on the 2-set piece bonus. And another 15% increase to max health points on the 4-set piece bonus, which will greatly help you tank some hits, and thereby defeat the boss.

Speaking of the boss. Lets get into the mechanics of the boss fight!


The boss has a total of 4 attacks. These 4 attacks consist of each their own element, namely being poison, fire, lightning and ice. In my experience the boss has a tendency to use some attacks more than others. with the most frequently used being fire and lightning. Less frequently used poison. And the least used attack being ice. (Maybe there is factually no coded % difference, but that is what it feels like in my experience).

Ok so the boss has 4 different elemental attacks, but how do you dodge them?

Luckily the attacks arent that hard to dodge if you know what to look for, and the boss can even be killed with 0 damage taken once you get a bit of experience clearing it.

Firstly it is recommended to ALWAYS default to standing right up close in front of the boss, to easier dodge its abilities.

  • Lightning: The trick is to position yourself just a smidge to the right of its main heads left eye. Standing here will automatically dodge the lightning attack as it is being cast. If you have trouble getting the right position every time, it is recommended to move a bit further away from the boss, as it increases the margin of error to avoid getting hit (Compared to standing up close)
  • Fire: This is just another version of keep running and you wont get hit. The boss will spew comets onto the ground targeting random spots + wherever you are currently standing. If you keep moving chances are you wont even get hit. Remember to default back to the aforementioned spot right under the left eye of the boss.
  • Poison: For this attack the left most head will start spewing a poison cloud from left to right on the battlefield. To avoid this just move UP and to the RIGHT of the boss, sort of like almost beside it (On the right side) to avoid the damage, as the cloud doesent reach up there. Again remember to move back to the default position under the left eye.
  • Ice: For this attack the right most head will start spewing out icicles in a “fan” type spray pattern. To avoid this do the opposite of the Poison move. Aka move UP and to the LEFT of the boss.

Now you know what each attack does and where to move to avoid them. But how do you know what attack the boss will do and when? Its quite simple really. Before the boss does an attack the head of the corresponding element will “move” or give an indication that its about to use an ability. So if the left most head starts jittering/moving, then you know the poison attack is incoming. Same goes for fire (Back most head), Lightning (Front most head) and ice (right most head).

Also its worth mentioning that the boss will do a little “Jiggle” inbetween attacks, but that is not a warning of an incoming attack. This “jiggle” move will happen exactly once inbetween each attack. So try not to confuse it for an attack.

Final Notes:

  • If you tried the boss and still cant seem to defeat it, you can always ask around in the official Hero’s Land discord, or take a second look at my guide.
  • Also in case i decide to make a YT Video Explaining the mechanics, the boss fight, or the gear required. I will of course leave a link to it here for you guys to find and refer to.
  • Also remember things are subject to change/get improved, so dont be mad at me if this guide becomes outdated.
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